Arc 1.6

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Okay, this chapter is a little bit unedited because Editor-chan is busying herself with finals and I don't want to leave you guys hanging too long.

So, with the power of Grammarly (and a pair of my half-blinded eyes), I tried my best to make sure everything sounds sensible and consistent. I'll probably republish the next few chapters after finals, but I think everything looks okay so far... Actually, I'll apologize in advance for making you read this unedited. I probably should not have posted this, but oh well.

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Rather than stopping at the station like they usually do, Alex buys herself a ticket and escorts Bai Yang all the way back to his apartment in A city.

At first, she was surprised how far Bai Yang has to travel in order to make it to class on time (much less early like he usually does), but she didn't think much of it as she followed the young man to his apartment.

Which turns out to be a high-rise condo on the wealthier part of the city.

Because of Bai Yang's humble nature, Alex has completely forgotten that he's technically loaded with money like the majority of the students in Da Guan and not a broke scholarship student like her.

After giving a casual wave to the doorkeeper (who looks startled and slightly distressed by their appearance), they take the elevators to the 35th (out of 50) floor.

Once they are in front of Bai Yang's door (room 3506), Alex originally plans on going back home and leaving the kid some time alone to rest, but Bai Yang immediately grabs onto her before she can turn around and asks her whether if she would like to come in.

She looks at the bruise on his face, the small scratches on his chin and forehead, and then finally his wide and pleading eyes that still has a little bit of swelling and redness from today, appearing all too much like a beaten up baby animal and do any of you honestly think she can say no?!?!

He's staring at her so hopefully as if he's afraid that he'll be abandoned by her, that everything inside of her goes soft.

So at Bai Yang's invitation, she enters into the apartment, whistling as she sees all the modern and fancy furniture along with the expensive interior decorations that probably cost more than her college tuition. Carelessly shuffling off her shoes near the foyer, Alex pads down the hall into a large living area where she can see a large white sofa that has sky blue and ginger orange pillow cushions. Immediately, she makes herself at home by throwing her bag onto the couch and taking a seat on the plush cushions. Twisting her neck to map out at the rest of the apartment, her eyes sweep past the sleek and fully-equipped kitchen that is separated from the living room by a marble-topped bar before stopping at the balcony in front of her. Beyond the balcony, there is an impressive view of the city center where skyscrapers of various heights can be seen on the horizon.

'Shit, this place is amazing. Do you think I can get one?'

【With the right amount of money...】

'.... Hey Sys, are you guys capable of hacking like in light novels-'

【No, Alex.】

Alex inwardly laughs, amused by Sisay's seriousness.

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