chapter four

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A couple hours later...

After stopping at the liquor store for a couple bottles of bourbon, Damon and I headed back to the motel room. I said nothing about his choice to drink again. Hell, I would've done the same thing when Enzo died had I had the time if I'd not been surrounded by chaos.

So I joined him.

Now, close to two hours later, we had polished off the first bottle and were bearing our drunken souls to each other. Well... more him bearing his to me, but all the same.

"I officially hate doppelgängers now. First Katherine, now Elena. No more for me."

"Why did I always think there was no life without them? I should've known better after Katherine, but nope. I let myself fall for another one and think I they were my soulmate. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"I gave up everything I'd known for over one hundred and fifty years for the small chance of us having a perfect life together. I told her that no matter what, it would be worth it. Yet here I am, yet again, proving my own choices to be worthless. Because nothing is ever perfect, and my hopeless romantic self never seems to get that!"

"Hey, come on. No more sad and dreary stuff. You can only contemplate this so much. You said it's irreparable, so stop obsessing over what went wrong. And stop being down on yourself," I say. "Think of something fun and happy instead."

"Fine." Damon thinks on that for a minute, until he looks at me with a smirk and a wiggle of his eyebrows.

"No, no, no," I say, shaking my head repeatedly.

Damon laughs heartily. "You don't even know what I was thinking, judgey!"

"I know it was something sexual, and that's all I needed to know."

"Come onnnn. Two words: strip poker."

My jaw drops, and I find myself unable to form words.

"Would you rather play Candy Land? I think seeing you naked would be a lot more fun, just sayin," he winks at me from the other end of the bed.

I let out a shaky breath, before retorting. "As if you'd win."

"Well, let's find out."


Well... He won the first round.

He smirks at me, saying, "Whenever you're ready, Bon-Bon."

"You're an ass," I say, glaring at him.

"Hey, you were the one so confident that you'd win. I do have over a century on you, you should've known-"

So smug.

A wave of courage comes over me. "You know what? Fine," I say, before lifting my shirt over my head and tossing it to the floor.

I look up at him confidently, only to find him staring lustfully at my chest. My heartbeat quickens and only speeds up further when he locks his now smoldering blue eyes with mine.

"Your shirt is coming off next, mark my words."

He pauses for a second. "You know what, I'll save you the trouble of winning."

In one swift motion, he pulls the black v-neck over his head, dropping it on the floor beside him. He smirks, looking me right in the eyes.

I slowly drag my eyes down to his lips, and then his taut chest, before meeting his eyes once again. After a minute or so, I speak.

"You know, when I first met Sybil, she asked me if you and I had ever... you know..."

"Had sex?" He says, tilting his head curiously.

I blush slightly. "Yeah, when we were trapped in the prison world... And I can't honestly say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind."

Damon smirks at me. "Since we're on the topic of sexual revelations, I do have my own to share. When we were in Amsterdam with Ric and that car almost hit you- but I used my vamp speed to get you out of the way just in time... When I slammed you against that van, all I wanted to do was..."

In a matter of seconds, he moves from his spot and climbs over me, our eyes locking intensely. I lick my lips unintentionally, and he does the same. He leans closer and closer, sweeping his palm against my cheek before brushing his lips against mine.

A soft moan escapes me as I kiss him back, lifting my hand to tangle it in his hair. For a minute, we just get used to the feeling, keeping it innocent with soft pecks and touches.

Wanting more, I pull him tightly against me, leading him to rest his hand on my waist before gripping it roughly. His tongue runs across my bottom lip, and I part my lips slightly, which he takes full advantage of. When our tongues first glide against each other, my head spins slightly, and I pant softly against his lips. We part momentarily, pausing to allow some oxygen to fill our lungs. He brushes his nose against mine sweetly, before sweeping his thumb over my bottom lip.

Before long, he starts planting kisses down my jaw and neck, nibbling softly as he goes.

I unconsciously wrap my left leg around his hip tightly, earning a sultry moan from him. He moves back up to my lips, pressing much more urgent and exuberant kisses to them, leaving me dizzy with desire.


"Yes?" he asks, smiling against my lips.

I laugh softly, pushing him back a little. "We should probably slow down..."

"Should we? I'm not so sure..."

"We're drunk. Trashed. Beyond buzzed. This could just be the bourbon..."

Damon shakes his head vehemently. "Nope. I may be drunk, but I know exactly what I'm doing right now," he leans closer to me, breathing out hotly against my ear. "And what I want. And that's you, Bon."

He pulls back, looking at me determinedly. "Remember when you told me that Stefan's sacrifice had to be worth something when you first got back? Well, this is it- we're it. He gave me a chance to live a human life, to finish the one I started all those years ago. All that's different is who I'm choosing to do that with. And it's you, Bonnie, you're the person I want to spend all my time with. And maybe, somehow, you always have been."

I smile, pulling his face down and kissing him once more before pulling away.

"Prove it tomorrow then. When you're sober... and so am I. Goodnight."

I reach over, switching the light off before laying back down and shutting my eyes.

Moments later I feel his fingers flutter across my arm. "I will, you'll see."

I hear the clunk of the bourbon bottle being placed on the nightstand before he lies down beside me.

And as he places his hand over mine, intertwining our fingers, I find myself hoping more than anything that he does.

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