When They're Jealous

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- If he notices someone trying to make moves on you he acts fast

- He'll walk right over to you, wrap his arm around your waist, pull you close, and give you a kiss like the guy isn't even there

- "Oh, didn't see you there. You need something?"

- The guy sees you two are obviously a thing and leaves

- "You were jealous, weren't you?"

- "What? No."


- He would be a little upset at first, especially if it was Cesar.

- Ruby isn't one to just go and confront someone just because he's jealous.

- He'd probably be a little quiet and you'd definitely notice

- "Honey, what's wrong?"

- "Nothing, princesa. I'm a good boyfriend, right?"

- "Of course baby! No one could ever compare to you. Why? Did someone say something? Did I do something?"

- He'll then smile and reassure you everything is okay while cuddling with you for the rest of the night.


- Guys don't even talk to you. Everyone knows you're his- he makes that clear.

- But if someone did try something, well let's not get to into that.

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