through thick and thin | Jamal

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[this is gonna be a lil shorter kinda like a drabble thing but still nice and fluffy.]

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Jamal was upset, you could tell. The way he was quieter than usual, how his head hung low and his answers were cut short. You knew why he was upset too, earlier he had been discussing rollerworld- per usual. He had been missing group meetings and was so consumed in rollerworld that everyone was sick of it. They had heard enough about it and thought Jamal was going a little bonkers.  They were losing hope in him.

You, as Jamal's girlfriend, was a little worried about him yourself. He had been late to one too many dates and his rollerworld obsession had you a little worried too. But that didn't mean you were giving up on him. 

The smell of buttered popcorn and chocolate filled the air of your living room. Jamal noticed it immediately.

"Yum, thanks babe." He thanked you, grabbing the bowl from your hands. Yet he still didn't seem like his normal, cheery self.

You sat down next to him and watched as he ate the treat. "Jamal, look at me."

He complied, his dark brown eyes making contact with yours.

"I know your upset, but I'm here for you. The group still loves you no matter what. And even though they aren't fond of your rollerworld...erm, obsession."

Jamal gave you a look at your choice of words.

"It doesn't matter! Because I will stick by your side. I'll even help you find the treasure if you want."

His face lit up at the suggestion, "Really?"

"Yeah, really. But no more skipping dates or you're in some hot water." You said sassily, giving him your signature look.

Jamal cringed, "Did I really miss that many dates? Damn. I really am sorry. Forgive me?"

You rolled your eyes and smiled, "Forgiven. Remember our saying-"

"Through thick and thin." He cut you off with a smirk.

"Through thick and thin."

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