it's you, only you | Ruby

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Ruby thinks reader likes Cesar, so he avoids her. But she really only wants Ruby.

requested by @OKDarling


You were talking with Cesar near your locker.

"Becka was all on you- it was hilarious. She thinks she can flirt but she can't. Why has no one told her?"

"Oh please, you can't flirt either." Cesar teased, crossing his arms.

You gasped, "Take that back!"

"Why? It's true. If you could flirt you would've used your skills on Ruby."

"You know what? Fine."

You pulled a piece your (h/c) hair behind your ear and let the rest fall. You rested one side of your body on the lockers, using one arm to lean against the side of your chest accentuate your boobs.

"What are you doing, Y/N?" Cesar chuckled, trying not to look at your chest.

"Sooooo, what are you doing this weekend?" You gave him innocent eyes, messing with your hair.

He rolled his eyes and played along, "Nothing much."

You giggled and your smile turned into a smirk.

"Well...maybe we could hang at your place?" Your finger trailed down his arm, giving him hungry eyes.

He was silent for a minute.

"Wow that sucked."

You broke character and your jaw dropped. "You liar! Better than that stupid shirt trick you do all the time."

"You're just jealous you don't have the skills." He teased.

The two of you continued laughing, oblivious of Ruby's sad eyes.


"Hey, Ruby!" You called out, running to catch up with him.

You noticed him wince as he heard your voice, and he started to run.

"No, no, no. Not this time."

Ruby had been avoiding you for the past week. He was your closest friend and your secret crush. You couldn't handle him ignoring you!

You hopped over a unsuspecting student, dodged a janitor, and half tripped on a can of soda.

When you thought you had lost him, you ducked into a storage closet to catch your breath.


You whipped around and saw Ruby!

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you. I can't believe you took a different route to your classes." You were able to breathe out, tired from running.

He looked down with guilty face.

You sighed and rubbed your eyes. "Talk to me, Ruby. Why have you been avoiding me?"



He flinched at you using his real name.

"I-I'm sorry, Y/N. I just didn't know if you wanted me around anymore."

His answer shocked you.

"What? Why would you think that?"

"Because, well... aren't you with Cesar?"

This confused you.

Ruby saw your puzzled face and added, "You were flirting with Cesar and I just figured you two were a thing."

At first you were silent, and then you started laughing.

"Me? Cesar? Bleh, no! He's like my older brother- that'd be so weird."

Ruby looked embarrassed.

"Also, why would that bother you?"

"Oh, um-" His eyes looked around frantically and he looked panicked.

You started to connect the dots.

"Do you maybe, by any chance, like me?" You managed to say, hoping for the best.

His pink lips parted as he sighed,"Yeah, I do. It's okay if you don't like me back though because-"

You cut him off by pressing your lips into his.

For a split second he didn't move, but then he kissed back hungrily. His hands found their way to your hair and he pulled you close.

It was a soft kiss, sweet and short. But it made your heart race all the same.

"So, does this mean you like me back?"

"Nah." Innocent little Ruby's eyes went wide. You laughed a bit, "Of course, doofus!"


This was so fun to write! Ruby is such a cinnamon roll.

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