Late Nights

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how you hang without your s/o at night (not smut lol)


-Netflix and chill
-I mean like actually chill not the other chill
-Cesar secretly loves watching cliche Netflix shows
-Each time he comes over you take turns choosing what to watch
-You have a huge movie snack stash so you're already supplied whenever he comes over
-He uses your Netflix account and you both think it's funny to change each others names
-At first it was cute but now it's a contest who can come up with the weirdest name
-Currently he is Cesar salad
-once you went on his profile and caught him watching that mermaid show h2o
- "It was my little cousin, I swear."
-  "Sure it was, babe."

-You two always take a second to relax once the twins are sleep.
-They are a lot to handle
-But afterwards you all have some fun...
-Baking of course!
-The first time it happened he was trying to make his mom some celebratory cupcakes after her promotion
-He wanted to surprise her and you thought it was the sweetest thing
-But for some reason he couldn't get the recipe down
-After putting the twins to sleep you walked in on him yelling and cursing at the mixer in Spanish.
- "Do you need some help, cariño?"
- "...yes."
-Every since it's just a thing you all do
-Eometimes his mom will come home and see you all passed out on the couch covered in flour.
-His abuelita will just laugh while stashing the leftovers in her room

-Board games
-Ohhhhhh yeah
-It started when the power went out and you all and to stop watching TV
-At first you guys had no idea what to do when you suddenly thought of something
-"Do you still have your parents old board game collection?"
-Now it's like a sport
-You both are exetremely competitive and will stop at nothing to win.
-During tournaments you have Ruby come over to be referee to make sure no one cheats
-Its that intense
-But once it's all over you both cuddle and make amends
-Unless he cheats at the game
-Then you play a board game with Cesar or Ruby to make him jealous

-Well when Oscar isn't hanging with his homeboys, or driving around, he is with you.
-You would usually want to go with him but he doesn't like you hanging around the gang too much
-And even though no one would touch you, he doesn't like the looks they give
-But you two actually enjoy playing video games together
-At first he thought the games were too confusing but he saw how much you enjoyed it and tried to learn
-Now he's HOOKED
-So whenever Cesar is alseeo or hanging with his friends you two are battling for the top score
-Or you're working together in online competitions
-But Cesar has no idea
-So whenever he comes home he is trying to figure out why it was left open on GTA

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