Chapter 29

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"That's all from us this time."

"Hope you found the recipes and tips useful."

"Join us same time next week, on Three Hungry Girls."

Claire, Bree and Kat said in order.

"That's wrap!" the director said smiling at them.

The girls released a huge sigh of relief. "How did we do?" Claire asked the director.

"You girls were amazing. It was like all of this didn't faze you at all." he praised.

"Girls! We were watching you from up there. I think you better start finding a more permanent place to stay here in L.A." the lady who called them all told them.

The girls were smiling so hard it looked like their faces were about to break.

"Are you serious?!" Bree said not being able to contain her excitement.

"Have your agent on standby, as well as your lawyers, to go over the paperwork. Congratulations girls. You've made it onto the Food Network Channel." she shook their hands.

As soon as she walked away, the girls squealed with delight, jumping up and down.

"We need to get Jon down here ASAP. Book on the next flight here, and tell him to get the lawyers ready." Bree said automatically.

"Yes, we need Jon here for sure. Someone is going to need to drive us later at night because we are about to get piss drunk." Claire exclaimed.

 Bree made the call to Jon who was screaming with happiness. "We want you on the next flight out here. Grab whatever you need and run to the airport!" Kat yelled neat Bree's ear.

"You heard the woman. Do as she says. We are staying at the Hilton, see you in the evening." Bree said then began calling the lawyers and informing them to send over a representative to come down to the Foor Network headquarters to go over the documents.

Kat didn't forget to call her nana as well, who burst into tears of joy. "Nana... don't cry." Kat said trying hard not to cry herself.

"Honey, I'm just so proud of all of you. This is a new beginning. Go out and have fun please. For my sake." Rosa pleaded.

"Don't worry nan, that's exactly what we're going to do."

"Be careful dear. Call me tomorrow morning just so I know you're alive." she chided.

"Jon's coming right now as we speak. He'll be our body guard." Kat assured her nan and then hung up.

Before she could put away her phone, her phone buzzed.

T - Heard the great news from Ryan. Great job Kat!

K - Thank you, kind sir. Hope everything is great with you. Not running yourself into the ground again are you?

T - Everything is great. I have been working hard though. Can't lie to you about that. 

K - I understand.. Just don't die in the process. My chicken soup doesn't have that kind of power. Anyway, see you in a couple of days.

T - Take care.

Katerina put her phone away and looked over at Bree who was sitting opposite herself and Claire in the limo. She was whispering hushed endearments and giggling every few seconds.

"I really need to get laid. Get a sugar daddy or something. You two are driving me crazy." Claire groaned.

"Tonight, I'm going to wing man you til you get someone. That's my promise." Kat held her pinky finger out and Claire hooked hers.

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