Chapter 25

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A/ N :So I've decided to try to write this chapter in third person, and if you guys prefer it this way, let me know! I'll stick to it. Other wise I'll just go back to writting in Kat's point of view. xx

His early morning commutes to work were rather tiresome. It took two train line exchanges to get to his office. Not to mention the bad dreams that plagued him some nights. The therapy sessions were not the reason why they reduced. A certain black haired beauty was the true reason why it subsided a little.

Most nights he dreamt of his mysterious girl from his e-mails. Coincidentally, his mind kept placing Katerina's face there. His gut instinct, the one that led him into many succesful battles told him, no screamed at him that she was the one. 

But it couldn't be... she was his best friend's reserved sister. The sister he didn't pay attention to because she wasn't up to his standards. However, there was always a warmth that radiated from her. Caring was part of her nature even when she was younger.

"Dude, my sister made us breakfast before she left. Waffles that need to be reheated. Fruits and everything. She left you this as well." the blond haired boy Ryan,  passed a letter to Talen.

I can't come down to the office most days to give you your food, so my runner boy will be there to bring you a sandwhich. Don't let it go to waste.

- K

Tracing over the cursived handwritting, he smiled. Oh yea, he definitely liked her alright. 

"I'm not heating up your food for you." Ryan said with his mouth stuffed with waffles and strawberries.

"Of course you're not. You lazy bastard. When does that thing come off anyway." Talen pointed to the blue cast around Ryan's leg.

"2 more weeks. Then I can just limp around. So... I got the call again." Ryan said quietly.

"They called me too. I don't know if we should accept it." 

"I told them we would." Ryan replied making Talen look even more devastated.

"We couldn't save all their lives. I couldn't lead the team--"

"Don't do that to yourself man. You're the reason we got out of there. Hell.. even I thought we were gonners. You never gave up."  there was passion and pride held in Ryan's eyes.

What happened that fatal day was definitely not Talen's fault. "I don't want to talk about it. I can't go in front of the crowd and give a speech."

"That's why you're going for therapy remember? To help you face the truth. It's end of this month. If you think you really can't give the speech, I'll do it for you." Ryan patted his shoulder.


At the bakery, Katerina sat in her office with her team, going over the details of the cake and sweets they were planning to do.

"The ingredients that we are strictly not allowed to use are peanuts, or any sort of nuts for that matter. So our cakes have to be almond free and what not. Let the ideas flow everyone." she said and her chosen helpers started scribbling down their ideas.

Withing the next two hours, they decided to go for a simple vanilla cake with lemon flavoring, and a half cream cheese and butter cream frosting. Other snacks included panna cotta, apple pies and cup cakes.

When it was and hour before lunch time, she made a certain green eyed man his lunch. Using the ingredients from the restaurant instead of the bakery, she made sure to pick ingredients that she knew he loved.

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