Chapter 28

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Katerina always told herself that she was a powerful woman, who had a strong sense of principles and beliefs. Never had she swayed from them in her life. One of those beliefs were that she never would find for someone to love intentionally.The last time she did that, she got hurt and her sister got the guy she wanted. After that, she believed that it would find a way to her. 

So, the elevator ride up to her place was filled with herself listing her principles. Also filled with self consoling and pity, but that was beyond the point. She was ready to face whatever or whoever that was currently in her place. Obviously by whoever, her mind flashed to the blonde who was all over him.

Taking a deep breath before swiping the card, she said a little prayer, and went in. Silence greeted her, and she saw the familiar tall broad form sitting on the dining table with papers scattered everywhere.

Talen sat facing the window, so he hadn't know she had entered, and he had on massive ear phones on. Kat didn't know what to think. Her hands felt bare, and it started to twitch a little. She was only holding the red Cartier paper bag. Instinctively, she walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water.

Deciding not to acknowledge him, she casually walked past him. Silently, she counted 3....2....1..

"You're back." his voice rumbled. 

"Yup." her fingers twisted the cap of the bottle.

"Did you get good rest?" his green eyes stared directly at her

Kat felt squimish under his gaze, yet she met his defiantly. "More than enough." she replied, hoping that it gave off some sort of fake innuendo that something had happened between her and Ryder.

Kat held herself back from asking how his night was because she had an ego the size of Jupiter. 

"I came home a little after 5 and you weren't here..." he said moodily.

When he did come back at 5, he was mad as hell. Mad because he knew exactly what Kat must have thought. Sure, he said he didn't like her, but he didn't meant it! Childish as hell, he told himself. Knocking on her door at that time and opening after she didn't come to the door, he then assumed that she was with Ryder.

But.. he knew her. She wasn't that type of lady. Class was something most girls lacked.. but Katerina was not one of them. She oozed class from every pore.

"What do you want to hear Talen? That I was with Ryder? Or at work?" she snapped at him.

Her confidence withered a little when Talen stood up and walked to her. Kat completely lost it and started walking to her room. She shut the door, feeling nervous as ever.

"I could have the door open in literally 10 seconds. So just open it up." he said.

She opened the door and he came in. "Were you running from me?" he smiled cheekily.

"You wish." she rolled her eyes.

"You want to repeat what you said earlier?" he returned to his predatory mode again, inching closer to her.

Kat decided it was too late to back down, so she repeated "Did you want me to say if I was over at Ryder's place? Or at work."

Talen pulled her close to him and locked his arms around her waist. "If you were over at his place, would you be letting me hold you this close to me?" he said huskily.

Kat was at a lost for words, all she could manage to do was shake her head saying no. 

"Besides. you have too much class to do that. You're too good for anyone." he added quietly while addjusting a stray strand of hair, pushing it behind her ear.

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