Chapter 22: Very Interesting

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to another chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I'm surprised how many people actually enjoy this story so far, I also have to say I'm enjoying your comments as I do read them, some are very entertaining to me. Anyway let's get into this chapter, shall we?*

(Spain's POV)

I don't know why I ran, it's not like any of this mattered anymore. It was over, it's in the past. I think it was the fact that my friend had kept all of this for me. That he never trusted me enough to tell me. That I didn't figure it out sooner. That I never realized. What kind of nation does that make me.

I ran out of the room. I couldn't handle being there anymore. I felt all their eyes on me judging me. They new me and Prussia were friends. It seemed like they were mocking me. How we were so close but that o barely new anything about them. I felt tears run down my cheeks. Why was I crying?...

I had no reason to cry..........

I don't deserve to cry...

I ran into mine and Netherlands shared room. Quickly slamming the door shut. I leaned my body heavily against it before I crumpled to the floor in a sobbing mess. I felt so stupid. I was overreacting, but I didn't know how to stop the tears. Why couldn't I just do one simple thing right. I heard frantic knocks at my door but I didn't have the energy to get up and open it. I was just so tired.

(Prussia's POV)

I felt myself panic as I chased after Spain. While he was reading I could tell he was getting more and more upset. Even if others couldn't tell at first I could. When he fled the room I was immediately on his tale, calling out to him. He didn't seem to here me though as he went straight to his room and shut the door.

I pounded viciously on the door. I could hear crying on the other side. After 5 minutes my anxiety had peaked and I just decided it would be best to knock down the door at that point. Upon removing the annoying obstacle I came upon the most heartbreaking sight ever. "Spain." I said sadly before I rushed toward him and engulfed him in a hug. I felt him tense at first, as if unsure before he snuggled closer.

The reading was delayed for an hour after that, but no one complained. And if Romano sat a little bit closer to Spain after that, no one mentioned it. When we resumed reading Canada volunteered to read in Spain's place. Sadly I saw a few people try to remember his name. I know it wasn't there fault though. Canada didn't talk to many people so they had never learned his name, and in conversation he rarely came up. I just hope he tries to converse with others though. To be more confident.

Ivan wouldn't hurt a fly, if he could help it. He's actually a bit of a prankster. When he goes "kolkolkol" out of nowhere, it's not that he's threatening the others- he just love giving others a good scare every once in a while...

I looked toward the Russian nation and saw him smiling his signature smile. When I first met him of course I thought it was creepy at first, but the more I saw it I noticed it was just... really awkward.

They are both extremely hard to sleep next to... Russia often snores like a train. China moves around and kicks like crazy... yet they can still sleep with each other without a problem.

I laughed at this entry as I always thought that Russia would snore, but for someone who had been around as long as China, I didn't think he'd move around a lot in his sleep. I guess he's always busy in a way.

China doesn't understand why people are scared of Russia and it makes him sad when they treat him like a monster. He wasn't always kind and yes he did harm many people, but which country didn't?

I finally glanced around the room after this entry. I saw a few nations look down guilty. This statement was very true. Russia did hurt people, there is no denying that, but so did everyone else here. Some are just better at sweeping stuff like that underneath the rug. We all did bad things, we're not perfect. Sadly I guess that's one way we are similar to humans. I glanced around the room before I saw an odd sight of Russia and America having a conversation over the table. They didn't use words though, but it didn't seem like they needed any.

After whatever kind of conversation they were having Russia scanned his eyes around the room before they landed on the eldest nation here. The corners of his lips slightly quirking up. I felt my eyebrow raise at this. This was interesting, very interesting indeed.

*and that ladies and gents was the 22nd chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope you all are enjoying this and I will see all of you next time, Bye!*

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