Chapter 21: Wait!

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*Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to the 21st chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope you all are enjoying this book so far, I put my upmost care into writing books. I hardly ever will discontinue a book. So even if I'm taking a stupidly long time to update just remember I will update it eventually. Anyway, let's get into this, shall we?*

(Japan's POV)

After Sweden finished reading his entries everyone ate some dinner before they all retired to their rooms for the night. Just as I was about to leave the dining room for our club room I felt someone tug at my sleeve. Confused, I turned around to identify who had done the strange gesture, only to come face to face with Norway. I tilted my head as if to ask him what he needed.

Seeming to understand what I was asking Norway looked me dead in the eye before he began talking. "So I considered your guys offer to join your group." He said a bit nervously, which in itself was still a bit surprising. When I made no comment he sighed and looked down at the ground and mumbled something.

I stared at him puzzled for a second before I asked him if he could repeat that. This time he rose his head and hesitantly asked me, "could I still... join?" I looked at him with a blank expression, which I soon realized was a bad move before I broke into a grin and nodded. "Of course, we would love to have you," I informed him. I saw his shoulders physically relax, "Come, I'll take you to meet them, so we can have our own little initiation."

Without another word I dragged Norway out of the dining area to our club room. If anyone saw us no one mentioned it, nor questioned where we were going. They all were probably to tired with today's events to really have a care what other nations were doing. Without any interruptions the both of us made our way down the empty hall. I let go of his hand giving him a reassuring smile before I quickly opened the door.

Everyone's head turned towards us and I saw their eyes immediately light up with excitement. The first one to say something had been none other than Feliciano. "Norway, are you going to join our group, oh please say you are!?" He asked enthusiastically. I couldn't help but give a small chuckle at the Nordic nation's hesitant nod. Everyone quickly gathered around the new nation as they started to bombard him with questions, well minus Alfred who just stared at him happily.

Sensing Norway's oncoming panic, I quickly stepped in to calm down Toris and Feliciano. "Okay guys, before we start to overwhelm him shouldn't we initiate him first." Feliciano seemed to realize his mistake as he quickly stood in-front of the currently lost nation. "Norway, what is your human name?" At this question said nation seemed to calm down a bit. Obviously, he had been prepared for this question. "My name is Lukas Bondevik."

After the Norwegian nation spoke, Alfred was the First Nation to speak up. "Hello Lukas, my name is Alfred it's nice to meet you." After this everyone else, including me, introduced ourselves with our human name. When everyone finished their introductions I stood in-front of him and pulled him into the room completely. "Welcome to the group."

(Norway's POV)

When I woke up the next morning, I felt better than I had ever felt in the past. Last night everyone insisted that we all camp out and sleep next to each other. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. This was something that was a bit uncommon in even my family. Yet, everyone seemed really excited about the prospect, including Japan, so I gave in.

Eventually, everyone woke up and we all made our way to the dining room to eat. We sat at a table and talked a bit while we ate a nice meal. While we were talking I saw Denmark staring at me like a lost puppy and felt my heart clench. I knew we had just discussed our relationship going forward, we had barely become official, though no one new about this, yet we weren't acting any differently toward each other.

After breakfast all of the nations made their way into the meeting room. At the head of the table was Spain who seemed super excited to read this time. When everyone had eventually settled down, the Spanish nation began to read the next entry.

Dear Diary,
I am not afraid of dying or fading away. All I'm afraid of afraid being forgotten.

I noticed that the Spanish Nation seemed very hurt by this entry. If I remember correctly him, Prussia, and France were very close friends since they were young. Finding out something like this must have certainly been tough. He seemed to try and brush off this entry as best as he could before he continued reading.

Prussia is a very cuddly country. He likes sitting close to people, along with giving and receiving hugs. Part of it is the lack of affection Germanic showed, but it's mostly just him.

After reading this entry I saw that Spain appeared a little more at ease. This entry, albeit a little sad, was still sweet and cute. For me I could tell that Prussia was a very overwhelming nation, it didn't really surprise me that this nation would like hugs and affection since he always seems to be seeking someone's attention.

Dear Diary,
Austria learned Gangnam Style in the piano. Mien Gott, why!?

After reading this entry I could also see that Spain had visibly relaxed more. He even found this one amusing as he let out a laugh after reading it. Behind me I could hear the nation exclaim something along the lines of, "It isn't funny!!!" Yet I still kept my attention on the nation speaking. I became aware while we were reading these entries that more than likely after reading funny and cute entries, a really bad one would soon follow.

Dear Diary,
I think it's all my fault. I did it, they all blame me... It's all my fault, I've destroyed the dearest thing to me. I'm sorry bruder, maybe I shouldn't be a country anymore... it's all my fault...

While Spain was reading I could hear the small hitches in his breath, like he couldn't believe what he was reading. He appeared to be so heartbroken when he heard this revelation. Even I could feel the corners of my mouth start to drag down in a frown. It wasn't unusual for a nation to become depressed. Yet, it didn't mean that it wasn't unsettling for us to hear something like this.

Dear Diary,
There are rumors that the allies will resolve Germany, I won't let them kill my brother, even if I must die...

After reading this entry I saw tears in Spain's eyes. Before anyone else could see it coming, said nation dropped to book and ran out of the room. I heard more than saw the Prussian run out of the room after his friend, trying to get him to stop. "Wait!"

*and that ladies and gents is the 21st chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope all of you enjoyed this chapter and I will see all of you next time, Bye!*

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