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"Peter you gotta get outta there!"

Peter let out a yell, as he flung himself at Bad Guy 1, who had come running up the stairs at the sound of Peter's scream. He landed in the middle of his chest by his knees, slamming him into the wall behind him hard enough to create a dent.

He slumped, unconscious.

The other three were up the floor, now. Bad Girl swung a fist at Peter, but he dove under it easily. She growled in frustration, and threw herself at Peter, who leapt to the ceiling just in time.

But then Bag Guy 3 was jumping into the air and grabbing his leg. He felt his sockets jolt as the huge man hung from his limb relentlessly. Peter could hear the blood rushing to his head.

"Ugh!" He let himself drop to the floor again, landing on top of Bad Guy 3. He threw a fist into his face, and the man screamed, blood dripping from his nose.

Peter wanted to keep hitting, but he restrained himself.

Leaping up from on top of the man, he resumed his fighting position. Bad Girl screamed in an inhumane, animalistic way, and swipe-kicked Peter's legs out from under him. He fell to the floor again with a quick 'oof', his tailbone feeling bruised.

"Get him!" Toomes' voice yelled over the thumps of the fight. It sent a chill down Peter's spine, but he ignored it best he could, scrambling back to his feet.

He spun around, his Spidey-Senses blaring, and swung out an arm automatically as Bad Guy 4 aimed a hit at his back. His forearm connected with the side of his head, and the man fell back down the stairs.

"No!" Came Toomes' voice, laced in annoyance.

Bad Girl lunged at him once again, and Peter had to leap over...leap over his darn traitorous body to avoid getting hit. But she was relentless, and only jumped after him.

And when she swung again, her aim was true.

Peter dropped to the floor, pain coursing through his head and black dots dancing in his vision. Damn, she had a swing. But. Still, he wasted no time in jumping straight back up again.

This time he was the one to attack. He jumped to the roof, crawling too fast for her to keep up to just above Toomes. The man panicked, quite obviously thinking Peter was going in for the attack on him, but-

He shot a web at the ceiling, the dropped, manoeuvring his body so he landed right behind Bag Girl's back. She was still processing what had just happened when he snuck an arm around her neck and pulled her around so both of them faced Toomes.

"Give up!" Peter yelled. Toomes looked shocked for a moment, but then he composed himself and smiled that goddamn smile. "Hand yourself over! I've got you!" Peter yelled again.

"Do you?" Toomes replied, raising his eyebrows. It was one of those rhetorical questions that mad your heart skip a beat, but the tone in which he said it made everything a lot worse. Who finds humour in a situation like this?

Bad Girl kicked out in his arms, but he only tightened his grip.

"Yes!" Peter yelled, confused. He had no idea what to say. "Give up, or-or I'll kill her!" Peter was shocked at his own words.

"Adrian?" Bad Girl choked out, hands clasped tightly around Peter's arm around her neck. She seemed scared – if only she knew Peter wasn't brave enough to actually kill her. It was bravery, right?

"Go on, then. Kill her." Toomes' eyes drilled into Peter, who couldn't help a bit but cower. It was like he was challenging him to do it. To just take her life.

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