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Peter couldn't help but gulp when Michelle sat next to him during social sciences.

She usually sat by herself, head down and so focused on her own work that no one would dare bother her about it. So, when she sat next to Peter – who also sits by himself in social sciences because Ned's not in his class – he found himself a bit surprised.

He wasn't sure why, though, because they were friends, right? It wasn't weird to sit next to your friend. But he quickly figured out why she was sitting next to him.

"Okay, so I hacked into the school website to look at all of the lessons planned for this semester, and apparently we have to work in partners for our next project. Which we have to start today." She stated dryly, not looking at Peter once.

Peter nodded slowly, raising his eyebrows at his friend. She had her hair out today, and he found himself staring at the waves cascading over her high cheekbones in such an elegant-

No. Stop it, stop it, stop it.

"So..." Peter mumbled, tearing his eyes away from the girl next to him.

"So..." She replied, taking a deep breath. "I was going to go with you, but if you're gonna be an idiot and not take the hints then-"

"Oh, no, no, i-it's okay. That would be great...good. That would be good." Peter stuttered, his cheeks flaming red.

Michelle looked at him at that, eyebrows raised mockingly. Peter threw open his textbook and scribbled furiously as the teacher started writing notes on the chalkboard.

Once break came around, Peter was itching to get away from MJ. He wasn't entirely sure why, but he felt very warm.

"Hey, Ned, oh my God, that class was hell." Peter blurted out, once they had collected their trays from the canteen. Peter dropped his tray onto the nearest table, and Ned plopped his down next to Peter's.

"What? Why?" His friend asked curiously, as they sat across from each other. Peter backed-tracked immediately.

"Oh, I mean, social sciences. Not really my kind of subject." Peter mumbled, picking at his nails.

"Ah, yeah. For sure." Ned nodded in agreement.

A few meters away, Michelle sat down at a table by herself. Peter ignored the impulse to move and sit next to her. Ned didn't seem to notice where Peter's gaze now settled.

"...anything more about, you know, him?" Ned asked from somewhere in the back of Peter's mind.

"Um, what?" Peter asked guiltily, snapping back to attention.

"Have you heard anything more about-about Toomes and his gang?" Ned asked again, his voice low and quiet, sounding slightly confused, and worried about Peter's reaction to the mention of Toomes.

Peter bit down the fear that grew in his stomach.

"Um, no. Uh, Mr Stark's still tracking them, but-uh...yeah, nothing yet." He squeezed his lips together. God, what if-?

"Do you reckon he might of-he might've, uh, told anyone?"

Peter sighed, rubbing his face wearily.

"I dunno, Ned." He murmured, fighting down the tightness in his throat. Maybe there was still a small, small glimmer of hope at the end of the dark tunnel. Maybe he hadn't. And maybe he won't before he's thrown in jail.

"Doesn't that scare you-?"

"Yes, Ned." Peter squeaked exasperatedly.

A few tables away, Michelle cast the two a strange look, sitting straighter in her chair. Peter swore to himself. Had he been too loud? Ned was looking guilty.

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