The Reunion part 2

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Hermione's POV:
Oh I can't believe that we are late. I said. Calm down mom let's just go in. Ally said. Ok then. I said open the doors to the great hall. When I opened the doors I could see a lot of people I new and some I didn't then I look around and see my husband and he is talking with Blaise and pansy while holding Jason. He looks around then Natalie hits his leg then he looks down. I look at the food table seeing none other then weasel. Then someone says, mione is that you. That person was Ginny potter. Oh um hey gin. I said nervously. She then hugs me so fast I didn't have time to say anything. She then let's go and says, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL MIONE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST 24 YEARS KNOW NOT TO MENTION YOU NEVER TOLD US WHERE YOU WHERE AND WHAT YOU WERE DOING ALL THESE YEARS THEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS I COME UP AND YOU SAY OH UM HEY GIN WHAT BLOODY HELL MUONE TO ME IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK TO ME!!!!!! She yells and the whole hall went silent then harry and Weasley and weasel come over here. ( Ron is weasel and lavender is Weasley) what the heck gin why are you yelling. Weasel said. Mione is that you. Harry said coldly. Then I get a text from Draco saying, ( h means husband and m means Mia)

H- are you ok I heard potter yell
M- yeah I'm ok
H- do you want me to go ever there
M- no it's ok but can you tell pansy to come over please
H- ok

Then I look over see him tell her and she walks over. Why hello. Pansy said. What do you want Parkinson. Weasel said. Um actually it's Zabini know weasel and I'm here to talk to mione. Pansy said. She knows that to not call me Mia around my ex friends. What you can't call her that you aren't her friend. Potter said mad. Um actually she is my friend she's been my bestie since our 5th year but had to keep it a secret. I explained. What you have been friends that long and never bother to tell me or the boys. Potter said mor mad know. Yes well I promise them that I would keep it a secret til we were ready to tell everyone. I explained again. What do you mean we. Potty said. Um well uh I wel- what's going on here. Blaise said. What do you want Zabini. Weasel said mad to. Why can't we just come over and see what going on since our friend is here huh weasel. Draco said mad. What. They say. Your friends with these gits and plus two of them are death eaters, one of them is a ferret and they have death eater kids!!!?? Weasel yelled. What did you just say weasel. Draco said in rage. You heard me ferret. Weasel said. That's it your dead weasel. Draco said. No Draco don't I got this. I whisper in his ear then he puts his arm down. Then I walk up to weasel and then I punched him the slap him. The whole hall grasp then weasel said, awwww what was th- DON'T EVEN DARE WEASEL!!!! I yell. What why did you call me by my last name like those bloody git no good death eater Slytherins. Weasel said. Then I slap him harder. I then feel someone's hand on my shoulder and it was draco. Mione I think he gets it. He said worried. No he needs to pay. I said in rage. He sighs then pulls his hand off. Mate why did y- cause knowing her you can't get her to stop especially since you no what. Draco said cutting him off. Oh yeah that makes sense then well I'm yeah. Blaise said. What was that for mione. Weasel said. DON'T CALL ME MIONE YOU NO GOOD EVIL LITTLE COCKROACH!!!!! WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE NEITHER ARE WE POTTER ANS POTTY!!!!! I yell. The hall grasp again. What has gotten in into you mione. Potty said. Yeah we're is the mione we use to know. Potter said. WELL THAT MIONE YOU USE TO KNOW IS GONE CAUSE FOR THE PAST 24 YEARS I HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR ONE OF YOU WOULD OWL ME BUT NO NONE OF YOU THE ONLY ONES I HAVE GOTTEN FROM WAS EITHER FORM BLAISE, PANSY, DRACO AND SOME OTHER SLYTHERINS CAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT ME AND THEY NO HOW I FELT WHEN I FIGURED OUT THAT MY USED TO BE THREE BEST FRIENDS HAVE NOT OWL ME IN YEARS AND KNOW YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THERES NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE!!!!! I yell finishing. We're sorry mione but thought that you were die after the war cause you never came back. Potter said sad. Well you should have tried harder cause if you want to be my friends again then you have to just have to except my family. I said. What you have a family. Weasel said. Yes know before I do I've been wanting to do this the whole time. I said before walking up to Draco then grab his tie and pull him to me and kiss me. The hall grasp again. I pull away. I smile. Finally someone spoke. You're married to him!!!??? Someone said and that was none other then weasel. Yes I'm married to him I've been married to him for the past 23 years know. I said while gripping on his tux.
Draco's POV:
Weasel I think it's best if you stop right know or else you will get it. I said knowing wants going to happen next. Ha you can't make me ferret. Weasel said. Actually I can. I said. Oh and how can you do that. Weasel asked. Mmm let me see guards. I said. Then some guards come in. What you can't do that your not the headmaster. Weasel said in fade. I know that weasel. I said. Then that means you can't call those guards. Weasel said. Ah actually I can since oh I don't know I'm the king of the wizarding world. I told him. But how. Potty said. Oh you didn't know back then when I was the Slytherin prince that also made me the future ruler of the Slytherins house and my great grandfather Salazar Slytherin so practically yes I am the king. I told him and everyone that's in this room. Oh and one more thing you better not call my wife a slut ever again cause if you do you will get worse then you are getting right know your lucky I'm not going to punch you this instance cause I'm not like that anymore I don't punch other people for no random reason weasel so if I were right right now I would leave or else you will regret staying here. I told him. He then walks out of the hall but not before giving me a glare. Then as soon as he left I felt something hurting in my head. Mia grasp. Oh no it's happening again. She said.
Mia's POV:
I feel Draco is hurting right know in his head. I grasp. Oh no it's happening again. I said. What happening again mom. Al said. I sigh. Your father is a Vella and the people are calling him to go to the Vella world. I said. WHAT!! Al,vi,Abby yell. The hall grasp again. I turn around seeing Draco but in his Vella part. He looks down at me and nods. They need me over there. Draco said. Why do they need you. I asked. He sighs. There's a war over there and since I'm the king I have to go. Draco told me. Then I'm coming with you. I said. No you stay here and explain to the kids and everybody what's going on while I'm gone. Draco said. No Draco what if you die. I said. Then I'll die but don't worry you won't. Draco told me. What no Draco please don't. I said. I'll see you soon. He said.
I look at him. No don't. I said. He sighs. Then sacks his head no. He then looks at Blaise and nods. Blaise walks over to me and holds me then Draco disappears. Nnnnnnoooooooo!!!! I yell. Mia you'll see him soon don't worry. Blaise said releasing me. What if I don't Blaise huh what if I don't then I won't see my own husband forever. I said. What but I thought- you thought that I'll die with him well no I'll live cause if he dies then I have to take care of the kids and trust me if you knew what we were talking about you would haven't me go with him Blaise. I told them.
In the Vella world-
Draco's POV:
I just arrived at the Vella world. Your highness please we need your help you mother has gone ill and your father has unfortunately past away a few minutes ago. Mark one of the guards told me. Ok thank you for telling me. I said before going outside. I sigh.

Mia if you can here me I want you to now that if I do die I want you to move on with your life and please watch over our kids if I do. I said. Draco no please don't do this you know I can't do that I love you way to much. Mia said. I know and I love you to but if I do die here I'm at least glad I die saving one of my worlds and to know that my wife will go on with out me and have a happy life if I do. I told her. N-no please Draco I can't lose you I can't lose you again. Mia said. I then hear her crying. I have to go ok I'll see you later if I survive this war. I said. N-n-o-o p-please don-t d-d-o t-h-i-i- s. She said stuttering. I love you from now and forever. I said. I love you to, now and forever no matter what. She said. Then I said my final g'bye then went back to the real problem.

I look around then flow and attacked the people who have kill my own.

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