The Announcement

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Abby's POV:
Hey Abby. Macy said. Oh hey. I said so what are you doing later. She says. Oh um well I'm just going to the library why do you ask. I said. Silents please. Headmaster longbottom said. Thank know I have a announcement it is that we are having a reunion this Saturday for your parents to come and see Hogwarts again but some will be coming today. Know may I introduce Gryffindors leaders are mr. Harry Potter, mrs. Ginevra potter, mr. Ronald Weasley, mrs. Lavender Weasley. Just then four adults come in. Know Ravenclaw are mrs. Luna longbottom, ms. Cho comic- Chang. Two adults come in. Hufflepuff are mrs. Susan Mack, Daniel comatose. Know last but not least Slytherins and they are mr. Blaise Zabini, mrs. Pansy Zabini, mr. Draco Malfoy. Then the doors open there they are my dad and auntie, uncle. Know the kids of those adults may go to them know. Then me, al, vi run up to our dad while cal, Crystal run up to uncle and auntie. Dad. Me and my siblings say. Wow hey you three how are things going. Dad said. Well they are going great. I said nervously. He sharks his head. Abigail Susan malfoy you will not lie to me from what you three wrote your mother and I are shocked that there is still rival between Slytherins and Gryffindors. Dad said. Yeah. We all say. Where's mom anyways dad. Al said. Oh she's at the house she didn't want to come. Dad said. Oh ok. Vi said. Ok students please say bye to your parents so you can go to class you can see them later. Professor longbottom said. We all hug our parents then leave to our classes. After a long day of class I went to the library to read up some stuff. Hey little Malfoy. One Slytherin boy yells. Huh oh um yes. I said nervously. Where are you going huh. He said. Oh um why should I tell you. I said. Uh because you have to. He said. Actually my daughter can't and if I were you kid I would leave right know or else you will get something that you will regret for messing with one of my daughters. Dad said mad. He then walks off but gives me a glare. You ok princess. Dad said. Yeah I'm ok know dad thanks. I said. No problem. So where are you going. Dad asked. Oh I was about to go to the library. I said. Ok princess I'll see you later I'm going to go and check in your siblings to see if they need help with anything ok. Dad said. Ok dad love you. I said. Love you to princess. Dad said before leaving me a lone again. I sigh. Then I walk to the library.
Draco's POV:
Man kids these days. Blaise said. Yeah I know early I saw a boy trying to bug Abby. I said. What really. Blaise said. Yeah. I said. Same here. Pansy said. What do you mean. Blaise said. Well early one of the Gryffindork was trying to see were she was going and she wouldn't tell him then I walk up taped his shoulder and slap him on the check real hard. Pansy said. What did you do Draco. She added. Oh I didn't do anything but I did warn him if he did do that to Abby again then he will have to deal with a father who cares about his kids and that includes Mia. I explained. Yeah that makes sense. Pansy said. Then Blaise laughs. What's the matter honey. Pansy said. I just remembered what I'd like I don't know 34 years ago when we were here imagine what we would have done at that time I mean me and you got married which back then we never even liked each other and Draco married Mia and she is a muggle- born and not to mention she's you know who. Blaise said while still laughing. Yeah you are right back then pansy likes me and you liked someone else who would have thought 25 years later you two would be married and have kids and Mia and I to. I said while laughing to. Yeah plus we never thought that we would be friends with you know who. Pansy said.
No ones POV:
What they didn't know was that Harry,ginny, Ron, lavender we're spying and hearing everything they are saying. What do you think they are talking about. Ginny whispered. I don't know. Ron whispered. And who is this Mia girl they are talking about. Lavender whispered. Yeah who is she. Harry whispered. Maybe if we be quit we can hear what they are talking about. Ginny whispered.
Back with Draco, Blaise, pansy-
Draco's POV:
Yeah I mean who would have thought that. Pans said. Ring ring ring. Huh oh it's Mia. I said. I press the call button.
H- hey dra how are things going over there.
D- things are going great but the kids aren't really.
H- oh why is that
D- well they are keep on getting made fun of because one of our daughters are in Gryffindor and the other is in Ravenclaw and plus there is still the rival going on
H- yeah I just hope things get Better for them
D- yeah me to
H- so how are Blaise and pans doing
D- oh there doing fine
H- have you guys spoken to harry, Ron or Ginny
D- oh um no not yet plus you know me I don't real get along with them
H- yes I know I wish I could go
D- we'll you can you know
H- I know that but you know me I don't want a-
D- you don't want anyone to no you married me
H- yes. How do you no me so well
D- well we have been married for the past 22 years know
H- man ever time one of us or someone else says that it feels like we are getting old
D- yeah I know. I'm almost 39
H- yes well I ha- mommy mommy who is that
Oh Alyssa it's daddy do you want to talk to him. Oh yes please. Ok. Draco honey Alyssa wants to talk to you.
D- ok can you put her on
H- ok here you go sweetie
A- hi daddy
D- oh hi princess how are you doing are you giving either mommy or grandma a hard time
A- no daddy we aren't
D- that good
A- oh daddy guess what
D- what is it princess
A- please don't get mad but I sort of pranked N- YOU DID WHAT!!!!
D- why did you do that
A- cause she did it to me to
D- ok and what did she do this time ally
D- oh I have to go princess
A- ok daddy miss you love you
D- miss you love you to bye
A- bye daddy
With that I hang up. What did Alyssa do this time. Pansy said. She pranked Natalie. I said. Oh ok well let's get to the great hall. Blaise said. Yeah lates go. I said. When we got there we sat at the Slytherins table. Man it's just like along time ago. Blaise said. Yeah I know. I said. Would you two shut up he's about to speak. Pansy said. We laugh. Know it's just like old times. Blaise said. Yeah it is mate. I said. Silents please. Neville said. Ok first I would like to say thank you for the parents that who have came. Second the reunion is happening soon so students and adults you may go to hogsmeade to go get your dresses or tuxedos/ dress robs. Oh and please send your parents a owl before you get a outfit just in case your parents aren't coming but if they are and you no then you may go. Neville said. You may know eat let the feast begin. He added then food came. Man the one thing I missed about here is the food. Blaise said. Yeah that and quidditch. I said.yeah. Blaise and pansy say at the same time. Dad are we going to diagon ally. Al said. Yeah dad mom are we going. Cal said. Yeah we are. I said. Yep. Blaise said. Ok. Both of them say. Then my two daughters come pucker. Hey dad are we going to that reunion. Abby said. Yeah we are. I said. Ok dad are we going to diagon ally. Vi said. Yep. I said. Oh dad can uncle Blaise and auntie pansy can come to. Al said. Yeah we are if you want. Blaise said. Yeah of course. I said. Ok then later we can go ok. Pansy said. We all nod then the girls go back to there house tables. After a long day we went back our dorm and feel a sleep but I couldn't really sleep with out Mia here with me but I tried to.
Next morning-
I wake up with an owl tapping on my window. I walk over and see who it's from and it's from, your beloved wife. I smile and open the letter. It says,
Dear my wonderful husband,
I'm sorry to tell you this but can you please come and get Jason and Alyssa they are driving me crazy I can't. How do you get them to be so calm I can't even do that every time I try to do it either Alyssa runs around the house while I try to calm down Jason so please come home and get them for me just for the two days til the reunion. Oh and can you tell the kids that I don't want anyone knowing about our marriage til after a hour then you can bring them to me. Please come soon I can't take them.
Your wife
Love you xoxoxo

After reading the letter I got ready wrote a letter telling Blaise and pansy to tell my kids everything and show them the letter then I floo home. When I got there I could here my wife yelling then I get my keys and open the door. Hey kiddos. I said with a smile. Both my youngest daughters grasp. Daddy. They yell running up to me. Wow hey my princess's. I said. Then Mia walks over. Hey. She said exhausted. I chuckle. Did you give mommy a hard time and don't lie to me cause I'll know. I said. They both nod while putting there heads down to the ground. I shack my head side to side. What are we going to do with you two plus you know mommy is already busy at it is. I explained. We know daddy. Ally said. Hey don't worry I'm not mad at you but next that happens while I'm gone you do realize that I either have to ground you for two weeks or take your iPads away and you both don't want that do you. I said seriously. They both nod. Ok good. I said. They look at Mia then say, sorry mommy. Oh it's ok but your father is right so please don't do that again. Mia said. We won't. They say. Want daddy what are you doing here aren't you supposed to be at al, Abby, vi's school right know. Natalie said. Yes well I'm here to take your brother and you with me there. I explained. What no fare. Ally said in disappointment. Hey don't worry you will see us in two days. I said. Yay. Ally said. I smile. Ok so did you tell Neville. Mia said. Yeah and he said that he is ok with it. I said. Ok so here. Mia said handing Jason to me. After a few minutes we left. When we got back I went to the Slytherins dorm first. When we got there I saw Blaise and pansy and my son on the couch. Hey dra. Pansy said. Oh hey pans. I said. Hey dad nat. Al said. Hey al. Nat said running up to him and hug him. Wow hey. Al said. I missed you. She said. He laughs a little. I missed you to. He said. So why were you giving mom a hard time again while me and your siblings and dad were here. Al said. I don't know we were just bord we didn't know what to do cause we either play with daddy or one of you while mommy is cooking or something. Nat said. Well I guess you are right about that part but don't do that again. Al said. Ok al. Nat said. Ok so what know. Blaise said. I don't know but I'm going to go back to my dorm. I said. Ok mate see ya later. Blaise said. Bye come on Natalie let's go. I said holding my hand out and with my other arm holding Jason. Ok daddy. Nat said. We were almost there when we bumped into Weasel ( it is Ron. Weasley is lavender and potty is harry and Potter is Ginny) well well well what do we have here malfoy and oh you have two other kids that makes five kids you and your slut wife have or even oh what If you do have one plus who would marry a deatheater/ ferret like you. Weasel said. Hey don't talk about my parents like that. Someone said and that was violet and Abby walking up to us. Yeah well I can talk to him the way I want. Weasel said. Hey weasel if I were you I would back off right know before you regret calling me wife that. I said mad.
No one's POV:
What Draco didn't know was that hermione learned a new spell and that spell was invisibility so she can see what her kids are doing with out here being there and she heard what Ron and Draco and there kids are talking about.
Hermione/ Mia's POV:
How dare he call me and Draco that when the reunion happens he will be so dead for calling me a slut and Draco a death eater and ferret. Then I undo the spell and I'm back to normal and at Malfoy manor ll.
Draco's POV:
When I got back to my dorm I put Jason on his crib then walk to Natalie's room and say G'night and love you to her then walk back to my room and go to sleep and wanting for the next day.

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