Hogwarts Letters

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Hermione's POV:
I hear a tapping on my window so I got up to see what it is. It's three hogwarts letters. Huh OH MY GOSH!!! I yell. Then my husband Draco that's right I married the one and only Draco Malfoy. He wakes up real fast then I hear my 6 kids running out of there rooms and my son Alexander opens the door. Alexander malfoy (16) violet malfoy (15) Abigail malfoy (13) Natalie malfoy (10) Alyssa malfoy (6) and last but not least my son Jason who is only 3 months cry's. Draco gets up walks to Jason's room then walks back with a bottle in his hand. Finally violet Spock up. Mom are you ok. She says. Yes I'm fine but look what you three just got in the mail. I said. Handing it to Al, vi, Abby. What is it honey. Draco said. Dad it's our Hogwarts letters. Abby said. What really open them then. Draco said. They open there letters.
Abigail/ Abby's POV:
I'm opening my Hogwarts letter and it says,

Dear ms. Malfoy,
We are here by to inform you that you may attend Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry. What ever you need will be on the back of this letter. The school year will start on
September 1. Hope to see you here.

Neville longbottom
Headmaster of Hogwarts witchcraft
And wizardry

After done reading it I said. I got into Hogwarts. I said in excitement. What no way I did to. Al said. I did to. Vi said. Oh my baby's are going to Hogwarts. Mom said. Mom really. Al said. Well I'm sorry not my fault you just like your father. Mom said. Hey. Dad said hurt. We all laugh at dad. Then jas cry's again. Hey bud it's ok. Dad said calmly trying to calm him down again. Come on let's go downstairs so I can make breakfast and make you three you favorite. Mom said. Me, Al, vi, say yay. Then we all go downstairs but before we did we got dressed while we want for mom to be done.
After they got done getting ready and done eating breakfast the door bell rings. I'll get it. Al said. He opens the door and at the door was auntie pansy and uncle Blaise. Oh hi auntie, uncle. Al said. Oh hello al. Uncle Blaise said. Hello everyone. My bestie Crystal said. Hey mate. Al's best bud Caleb said. Hi everybody. Nat and Alyssa's bestie Molly said. While me and Crystal go upstairs our parents tell us to stay just for a second. Which we did. Ok first I wanted to say congrats to my kids al, vi, Abby for getting your Hogwarts letters. Mom said. Want they got them to. Crystal and Caleb said. Yes why. Mom said. Mia both Crystal and Caleb just got there's to this morning. Uncle Blaise said. Oh well then congrats to you five then know you may go upstairs. Mom finished then us kids went upstairs while our parents stay downstairs. I can't believe we are going to Hogwarts. I said. Yeah me to oh I can't want. Crystal said it excitement. Yeah me to. I said excited. Want what if we get in different houses. Crystal said. Hey don't worry if we do it doesn't matter we are still friends no matter what. I said. Yeah I guess you are right. Crystal said. What house do you think you are going to be in. I said. Well I'm sort of hoping either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Crystal said. Oh ok I think either Gryffindor or Slytherin. I said. Oh ok. Crystal said.
Meanwhile downstairs with the adults
Hermione's POV:
I can't believe our kids are going to Hogwarts already. I said. Yeah me to. Pansy said. Me and pansy have gotten along over the years since she figured out that Draco had a crush on me but we kept it a secret from my ex friends. The reason why I said that is because first. They have never I mean never send me one letter in the past 21 years know. I sigh. You ok Mia. Blaise said. Yeah I'm ok I just thought about my exam friends you know. I said. Oh ok. Pansy said. Hey it's ok. Draco said. Yeah dra is right things will be ok. Blaise said. Yeah and if they don't then you still have Blaise and I and our kids and yours and Draco to. Pansy stated. Yeah you guys are right... thanks you guys you know exactly what to say to make me smile. I said. Well that's our job isn't. Pansy said. Well yeah but Draco has that job most of the time since he has Jason most of the time when Mia is sad. Blaise stated. Yeah you are right. Draco said. We all laugh in cuiding Draco. After a while the Zabini's left and we all went to our rooms and go to sleep.

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