Welcome back Draco/Hermione's birsthday

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5 weeks later-
Hermione's POV:
I'm sitting in my living room when my 5 kids come running down the stairs. Kids why are you running. Blaise yelled.

Ever since Draco left the reunion 5 weeks ago Blaise and pansy have stayed at my house til Draco gets back well if he gets back. Hey you ok Mia. Pansy asked. Huh what did you say. I asked. Hey Mia guess what day it is today. Blaise with a smile on his face. I don't now what. I asked confused. It's your birthday duh. He said. Oh yeah I almost forgot thanks for uh telling me Blaise but I don't think I want to celebrate my birthday this year. I said looking at the ground. Mia remember what Draco said to you before he went. Blaise told me. Yeah I know that if he h-he well you know. I said before going upstairs and stayed in mine and Draco's room well it's my room til he gets back well even if he comes back that is. I sigh. I then grab a picture that has our wedding picture in it.

This is what it looks like,

This is what it looks like,

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I then cry. I sniff. Where are you draco...please be ok, where ever you are please come home soon. I thought.

Back downstairs-

Blaise's POV:
I'm sitting in Mia's living room when there's a nock in the door. I get up and open the door. What I saw shocked me. Mate. I said. Yeah it's me. Draco said. Then pansy walks over. She grasp. Draco. She said running up to and hugs him. Ah hey pans. He said. Then the kids come in. They all grasp. Dad. They all say running up to him and hugged him for dear life. Dad were have you been. Alexander said. He sighs. The court wanted me to stay for awhile since I'm the king of that world to I had to make some new rules and other thing then a few minutes ago I asked one of the guards what day it was and I said that I had to go and plus I didn't now I was gone for 5 bloody weeks I only thought I was gone for a week or two. He explained. Nope you've been gone for 5 weeks. Violet said. Yeah and you made mom real sad to. Abby said. He sighed again. Yes, I known she would do this when I left but do you think you could get everything here when I mean everyone I mean everyone here. He asked. Yeah of course. I said. Hey do you want me to distract Mia like go to the mall or something while you guys and everyone is here. Pans asked. Yeah can you. Draco said. Yeah of course but Draco go hide so I can take here right now. Pans said. He nods then goes and hides. Then pans goes upstairs to Mia and Draco's room. After a minute or two she comes down with Mia. Hey were you girls going. I asked. Oh we're going to the mall. Mia said. Oh ok have fun. I said. Thanks Blaise bye kids. Mia said. Bye mom. The kids said. Then I feel someone pulling my pants leg. I look down a saw that Jason was doing it. I smile then pick him up. You can come out now Draco. I said. Then he comes out of his hiding spot then Jayson goes all happy and jumps in my arms. Then he says, Daddy. He said. The kids and I grasp. That's his first word. Al said. Hey buddy come to daddy. Draco said putting his hands out. Jason puts his hands out and I give him to Draco. He giggles. Then there was a nock on the door. I open the door and saw the: Potter's, the Weasley's, (but not Ron and lavender ) the Longbottom's,nott's. Hey guys come in we have a surprise for Mia. I told them. What is it Blaise. Harry asked. Well we wanted to surprise Mia with a surprise birthday party and to surprise her with this. Blaise said pointing to Draco holding Jason. They all grasp. No way were have you been mal-Draco. Harry asked. Oh well I was in the Vella world and after the war we sort of lost a lot of people so I had to make some new rules and others things then earlier I asked one of the guards what day it was and he said it was today and since it's Mia's birthday today I thought I would surprise her on her birthday and we thought maybe we could invite you guys since you've never been to her birthdays in the past. Draco explains. Yeah that makes sense. George said. Yep now come on let's get this surprise birthday party started while pansy is at the mall with Mia. I said. They all nod.
When they were done-
Harry's POV:
We all just got done putting everything up for mione/Mia's birthday. Blaise grasp. Guys hurry up and hide, pansy and Mia are coming back right now, and Draco go hide were you were earlier. Blaise told us. Then we all hide and someone turns the light off.
Mia's POV:
Thanks for bringing me to the mall pans. I said. No problem you've been down for the last 5 weeks I just thought hey how about I bring to the mall to have some girls time. Pansy told me. I nod. We just got to my house when I hear voices. Huh. I said confused. Then I open the door and the lights go on then everyone said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my gosh guys you didn't have to do this. I said surprised. We wanted to mione. Ginny said. Yeah but it was mostly Blaise. George said. Oh thank you blaise. I said going up to him and hug him. No problem I've seen you down so I thought you could use some friends and family. He told me. Come on open your presents. Mrs- Molly said. Ok then. I said sitting down on the couch. I open one that had harry and Ginny's names on it. I open it and saw. Oh my gosh thank you Harry, Ginny this outfit and shoes and beautiful. I said. It's no problem. Ginny said. Open ours mione. Luna said. Ok. I said. I open Luna's and Neville's gift. Oh this looks amazing how did you guys do this. I said. Well we now someone. Neville said. Open ours mom. Al said. Ok sweetie. I open Al,Vi,Abby's gift. Oh my gosh thank you,you three. I said. Your welcome mom. Al said. Yeah. Abby,vi said at the same time. Open ours mione. Molly said. Ok. I said.
Ginny's POV:
Mione is opening her presents right now. Ok mione open my gift. George said. Ok George. Mione said. Ok Hermione open Arthur's and mine. Mom said. Ok Molly. Mione said. She opens it. Oh my thank you Molly,Arthur. Mione said. Your welcome Hermione. Dad said. Mommy open our present. Her two  youngest kids said. Ok. Mione said. She opens the present. Oh my this looks amazing thank you,you two. Mione said. Your welcome mommy. They said. Then Jason carols over to Mione and puts his arms up. Hey sweetie. Mione said tickling him. He laughs. Then Blaise walks away. Mione looks up. Where are you going Blaise. Mione asked. Huh oh I'm going to get a drink of water you want one. Blaise asked. Oh yes please. Mione said.
Mia's POV:
Blaise is going to go and get me a glass of water right now. Then he walks in. Here you go. Blaise said. Thank yo- I stop at what I saw and who walked in. I drop my glass of water he got me. Mia you just broke the cup. Pansy said. Draco. I said surprised and shocked at the same time. He nods. I run up to him. Ah. He said. I let go a little bit but I'm still in his arms. What.. how... where..I. I said trying  to say something but I couldn't I was just in shock and happy. I put my arms on his shoulders and kiss him. Then we hear everyone clapping and whistling. I break the kiss. Never leave me like that again. I whispered for only him to hear. He smiles l. Never...I won't do that ever again. He whispered. Promise. I said. Promise with all my heart I won't do that again. He told me. Good cause I don't think I could stand you being missing for another week. I said. He chuckles. What am going to do with you. He said. Oh I don't now. I said. I then put my head on his chest. Then I feel someone taping my leg. I look down and saw Jason trying to get my attention. I then pick him up. What now huh. I said. He then puts his arms out and look like he wants Draco. Draco smiles. Daddy. Jason said. Oh my gosh. I said. Yeah but he said that when you were gone with pans so that his second time calling Draco that today. Blaise explains. Yep. Draco said then he grabs Jason out of my arms. Hey buddy what do you want now huh. He said. He giggles.
Draco's POV:
I'm holding I'm 4 month baby Jason when I fell someone tapping my leg. I look down a saw my daughter Alyssa. Hey princess what do you want. I asked. I'm thirsty daddy. She told me. I smile. Ok come on let's go get you something to drink. I said. She then runs to the kitchen. Alyssa don't run. I yelled at her. Sorry daddy. She said. It's ok but next time don't do that ok. I said. Ok daddy. She said. I then go up one of the cabinets and grab a cup and filled it with water. Here you go. I said giving the cup to her. Thank you daddy. She said. Your welcome princess. I said.

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