Welcome to Hogwarts

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Jame's POV:
We got to the castle and we are in the great hall right know and the first years already got sorted. Ok then we have some new students and before I say there names please be nice to them ok let's see ah Crystal Zabini. Uncle Neville said. She walks up to the hat.

Ok let's see ah I know.... GRYFFINDOR!!! The hat yells.

Next up is a girl named violet. Violet Malfoy. Uncle Neville said. She walks up.

Ah I know... GRYFFINDOR!!! It yells. 

Next is a girl named Abigail. Abigail Malfoy. Uncle Neville says.

She walks up and the hat says RAVENCLAW!!!

Next is a boy named Caleb. Caleb Zabini. Uncle Neville said.

A boy walks up and the hat says SLYTHERIN!!!! It yells.

Ok um Alexander Malfoy.

Uncle Neville said. Alexander walks up.

The hat yells SLYTHERIN!!!! Then it was Albus's turn.

Al's POV:
I just got called up and the hat yells Slytherin. Cal just got on the stool and it yells Slytherin to.

Next was a kid named Albus Potter and he got into Slytherin also.

Then we talked for a while then we were about to leave when someone calls me and cal and Potter. Hey malfoy, Zabini, potty. A boy yells.

What do you want dumb ass. I said mad.

Oh nothing just here to tell you that your little sister's are blood traders. He says. What why is that. I said even more mad. Because all Malfoy's have gone to Slytherin just like your father Draco Malfoy and your father Blaise Zabini. He said. Would you stop. I said.

Why so you can go and call your dad on me just like your dad did. He said.

Hey don't talk about my dad like that you bloody dumb ass. I said real mad know so I punched him in the face.

The whole hall grasp.

Al why did you do that for. Vi said. He was talking about dad and what he did when our grandpa force him to everything. I said mad. Mr. Malfoy what are you talking about. Professor longbottom said.

What I'm talking about is our father was force to do everything our grandfather told him to do or else he would hurt our grandmother so he did everything I mean everything his father told him to do like for instance 1. He was force to be mean to people like Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger. 2. He was force to be a deatheater or else the dark lord would have killed the one person he loved the most. 3. He was force to kill one of the professors cause he was force cause they were going to hurt his mother and that person he loved. I said before leaving the great hall.

Al want up. Abby said. What do you want Abby. I said mad.

I just wanted to check on you I mean you and dad have the same temper when it comes to some they love and yes I and vi do care about dad but we three know that is not how mom and dad taught us they taught us to be kind and be nice to others not punch them in the face just because he was making fun of our own father. Abby explained.

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