Platform 9 3/4

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Hermione's POV:
Ok kids hurry up or else you will miss the train. I yell. Then all of my kids coming running down while my three oldest come down with there trunks. Ok do you have everything. I said. They nod. Ok then let's go. Draco said. Want. I said before putting the glamour charm on me. Ok know let's go. I said. We floo to the platform. Ok just walk throw the 9 and 10. Draco said. What if something happens. Abby said. Hey don't worry now if you are scared just run throw. I said. Then al runs throw. Wow. They all say. Know let's go. Draco said. We all throw. Wow that's the train. Vi said. Hey look I can see uncle Blaise and auntie pansy. Natalie said. Oh come on. I said. Hey guys. Draco said. Oh hey. Pansy said. Man I will never get use to you doing that Mia. Blaise said. Yeah me either and I'm her husband. Draco said. We all laugh. Nice one dad. Al said. Ok you better get on the train before in leaves. I said. They all nod then say bye and hug us then go on the train. I cry a little. Hey it's ok we'll see them on Christmas break. Draco said. Yeah I know. I said. Ha. Blaise chuckles. What's wrong Blaise. Pansy said. Oh it's just know we know how it feels when we had to go to Hogwarts and our partners were so worried about us and how we will do know look 25 years later we feel how they feel. Blaise stated. Yeah I guess you are right. I said. Draco and pansy nod. Come on let's go home. Draco said. Ok then bye you two. I said before taking Natalie and Alyssa's hands while Draco is holding Jason.
Meanwhile on the train.
Alexander/ Al's POV:
Me and my siblings get on the train and with Caleb and Crystal to. Ok um 6th and 5th part of the train is this way. I said. Oh ok then me and Caleb will go this way. Abby said. Ok then see you later sis be careful. I said. Ok then bye guys come on cal. Abby said. Ok then bye sis. Cal said. Bye little bro. Crystal said. Ok let's go and find a compartment. I said. We walk around then I open one and there's three other kids there. Oh hi. A boy with jet black hair. Hi there. A girl with ginger hair. Oh hey. A boy with ginger/ red hair. Oh um hi. I said. So what your names. The boy with black hair said. I could say the same. I said. Oh I'm sorry I'm James, James Potter. James said. I'm Rose Weasley. Rose said. I'm Fred ll Weasley. Fred said. Oh hi I'm Alexander Malfoy. I said. I'm Violet Malfoy. Vi said. I'm Crystal Zabini. Crystal said. They grasp. What. I said. Your malfoy's and Zabini. James said. Um yes why. I said confused. Well don't you know what your dads did back then. Rose said. Oh yeah we do but if people known why they did those things then other people wouldn't hate them. Crystal said. Oh sorry. Fred said. Hey it's ok. Vi said. So can we sit here. I said. Yeah I guess. James said. So do you guys have siblings. James said. Oh yeah we do I have another sister but in 3rd year her name is Abigail malfoy. I said. Yeah and we have 3 other siblings but they are with our parents right know. Vi said. Yeah there names are Natalie Malfoy (10) Alyssa Malfoy (6) Jason malfoy who is only 3 months old so. I told them. Yeah and I have a little brother who is in the same year as Abigail his name is Caleb Zabini (13) Molly zabini (5). Crystal said. Oh I have two other siblings Albus Potter (12) Lily Potter (11). James said. I have a little brother Hugo Weasley (10). Rose said. I have a sister named Angelina cross Weasley. Fred said. Oh ok. Vi said. We talked the rest of the way to the castle.
Meanwhile with Abigail and Caleb
Abby's POV:
We are looking for a compartment so I open one and a boy with black and a girl with ginger hair/ red hair. Oh hi there. The boy said. Oh um hi. I said shyly. What's your name. He said. I'll tell you if you two tell me your names first. I said. Ok then I'm Albus Potter. Albus said. I'm lily potter. Lily said. Oh hi I'm Abigail Malfoy but you can call me Abby for short. I said. I'm Caleb Zabini but you call me cal for short. Cal said. They grasp. What did we say. I said. Your a malfoy and a Zabini. Albus said. Yes. We say. Our parents said that your dads were mean to them back then. Lily said. Oh don't worry we aren't like our fathers back then that is. I explained. Oh ok then do you have any siblings. Albus said. Oh yeah I have 3 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. I said. Me to but I only have one big sister and one younger sister. Cal said. Oh ok we have a older brother. James said. Oh ok. I said. We sit down and we talk for the rest of the train ride. When the train stop we got our trunks and walk with them while we walked to the castle.

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