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She wanted to be free from pain and, therefore, free from him. She knew she wouldn't have peace until they call it off. It was difficult, but she had to, or else she'd go insane.

"You bring me all this," he said, "but what about the things I gave you?"

She was surprised that he brought that up. For clarification, she asked, "What do you mean 'the things you gave me'?"

"The gifts I bought for you. The deeds I did for you. The time we spent. What about all those?"

Inhaling, she tried her best to calm herself and said, "Were the gifts, deeds, and time just so you can bring this up to me when you find it convenient? Were those a responsibility for you and not something you wanted to do?"

He replied, "No. I just feel that if we let each other go, then all these are wasted."

"Wasted?" she mocked. "Are you staying with me just because you think all those would be 'wasted'?"

He didn't reply.

"Well, sir," she said, "if we stay just because of the gifts we've spent and the deeds we've done for each other, it is then that we're wasting time and resources."  

She added, "I never regretted loving you, never regretted anything I did for you, and never thought that I wasted my time and effort even when you did me wrong . . . maybe until you told me that."

Then she gladly left.

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