Bokuto X Kuroo

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(Just felt like writing some BoKuro fluffy-smut at 1 am)

Confessing to you best bro was something Kuroo had thought about a hundred times but every time he came close he chicken out at the last minute and it infuriated him to no end because Bokuto was just too dense sometimes.

It was Saturday and Kuroo was sitting in Bokuto's room scrolling through his phone well trying to think of a way to confess to the boy on the floor who face was smashed into a pillowed. "Hey bro." Bokuto had whined as he turned his face to watch Kuroo from the floor.

"Yeah?" Kuroo had responded trying to act normal as he stared at a photo of him and Bokuto from there first year in high school that someone had tagged him in on Instagram.

"Have you ever thought about dating me?" Kuroo phone slipped from his fingers hitting him in the nose as he sat up with a jolt. The shock and fear were so clear on his face that even an idiot would be able to tell what emotions he was feeling. His throat felt dry, his hands felt twitchy and all around wrong as he ran a hand through his hair trying to calm his nerves and think of something to say that would throw Bokuto off of this topic, but one look into Bokuto golden eyes and he knew that wasn't going to happen.

It was like the supply of oxygen had been completely cut off and he felt dizzy as he watches Bokuto sit up and move closer to the bed, eyes trained on his every movement. "Kuroo have you ever thought about dating me?" He asked again as he leaned against the end of the bed. Kuroo knew if he just reached out he could touch him.

"Yes." The three letter word slipped from his lips like a spell as he watched a small smile form on Bokuto's face before he stood up and tackled Kuroo into the mattress with a laugh.

"Good. I was worried that I was the only one thinking weird thoughts like that." Bokuto confessed as he laid there on top of Kuroo crushing him but not in a bad way Kuroo thought as he wrapped his arms around the owl boy.

"Bokuto can I kiss you?" The sudden build of courage exploded inside Kuroo as he watched Bokuto sit up for a second before he came crashing down onto his lips, capturing them in a strikingly passionate kiss. The moan that left his lips as Bokuto's tongue slipped past his lips was sinful in all the right way.

"Those are some nice sounds Kuroo," Bokuto whispered voice husky and low sending shivers down his spine and back up again as he leaned back down kissing his chin and making his way down his neck leaving love marks all the way to Kuroo's collarbone.

"Bokuto don't you think this is going kind of fast?" Kuroo panted as he tried to squirm away from Bokuto to gain some sort of solid ground in this fast-pasted moment. Bokuto gripped Kuroo's hips to keep him in place as he nibbled on his collarbone drawing a high pitched moan from Kuroo's kissed red lips.

"Bo please, give me a minute this is going to fast," Kuroo begged for the third time since Bokuto started kissing down his stomach leaving a trail of kisses behind. The multi haired boy said up with a slight pout watching Kuroo sit up and away from him and taking deep breaths to regain some sort of normal pace.

"Sorry, Kuroo...I just got all excited knowing that you felt the same as I did." Bokuto confessed hands placed in his lap as if he was being scolded which Kuroo had thought about doing but he was all too happy with the way things had turned out to even think twice about scolding the sexy beefcake before him.

"It's fine Bo just go a bit slower yeah?" Kuroo suggested as Bokuto moved close with a nod before pulling him into his arms, lips locking in a slow and passionate kiss that soon turned hot and lustful as the two boys rubbed against one another trying to get some sort of friction going between them to help get rid of there straining erections.

It wasn't long before Kuroo's hand slipped into Bokuto's sweatpants trying to help him find some sort of relief since he looked like he was about to lose it any minute if he didn't. The gasp followed by a deep growl of approval that slipped passed Bokuto's lips sent Kuroo's body into a frenzy as he gripped Bokuto's dick tighter sliding his fingers over the tip one by on before slipping his thump against the slit causing Bokuto's hips to jerk upright.

Kuroo could tell Bokuto was on the edge of climaxing by the look of pure bliss that was plastered on his face. "Kou come for me." Kuroo had whispered seductively in Bokuto's ear as the owl boy's eyes snapped shut and he climaxed all over Kuroo's hand. 

(kinda sorta time skip)

Not once did Kuroo ever think his feels would come to anything but a lost friendship between him and Bokuto, not once did he ever think that Bokuto would feel the same but here he laid fast asleep on the couch in the living room of his and Bokuto's apartment that they had bought together after high school.

Bokuto leaned over the arm of the couch kissing Kuroo's forehead with a smile as he watched Kuroo's face soften once more his eyes opening with a sleepy haze.

"I love you." He had whispered voice harsh from sleep. Bokuto smiled to himself as pulled Kuroo up and into his arms. 

"I love you too." He had whispered into Kuroo's ear as the sleepy bed head leaned against his shoulder.

"You know I had a dream about when we confessed." Kuroo had chuckled tiredly into Bokuto's shoulder as his arms slide up the boys' shirt.

"Is that so?" Bokuto teased knowing just where this was going.

"Yes and I'm horny so get ready," Kuroo growled seductively into Bokuto's ear before turning them over and pushing the beefy man onto the couch.

I really love you

(Well that's the end just something I thought of well trying to sleep so hopefully you all enjoy it.)

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