Chaptet 4: Predatory instinct

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L's pov

Tony said we should test my "predatory" state of needing to eat raw meat today. I felt nervous but for some reason I'm excited as well. I'm just afraid that if tony and Bruce's theory Is correct Steve wouldn't want me anymore...

I was to meet the other Avengers at a nearby forest, I was escorted there by some S.H.I.E.L.D agents and they left when I got out. The others stood by the forest border and some of them looked rather bored.

"почему мы должны быть здесь?" He said and Wanda translated for me since I was still working on my English.

"He wants to know why were are here" she said and tony answered rather excitedly.

"Well your going hunting. I figured the best way to test out your animal traits it to hunt, this'll figure out if you do have a predatory drive to hunt and kill" he states nonchalantly and smiled. And I began to become nervous though I nodded anyway.

Steve's pov

After tony explained what was to happened L  seemed nervous. So I walked over to him and hugged him gently. "It's ok doll, I'll be coming with you to keep an eye out and make sure you ok". I smiled while he nodded and walked into the forest to begin the test. Tony had given me a camera to document anything that happened and to give live feed back to the team.

As we walked through the forest L seemed a lot more calm than he did at the tower. Almost an hour past of use just walking around when something seemed to have caught L's attention. He looked around and crouched towards the ground and I quickly turned on the camera.

L's pov

There was a gust of wind and that's when I smelt it, I could quite guess what the smell was but it was oddly mouth watering. My whole body started trembling, I looked around to see Steve standing a few feet back with a camera.

All of a sudden pain ripped through my body and I feel to my knees. I held my stomach and clenched my teeth to keep from screaming as it felt like my bones were breaking. I clawed at the ground and Steve came rushing to me but I shoved him away.

For what felt like hours my body shifted until I was standing on all fours as a Cougar. Steve stared in awe while holding the camera everything could be seen by the team.

Tony's pov

"Holy crap" i mumbled while watching L turn into a giant cougar. I knew me and Bruce were correct. The rest of the team seemed just as surprised but whispered under their breath.

Steve's pov

Oh my gosh! He just turned into a cougar and it's so adorable!. He looks looked around and let out soft chirps but once he saw me something changed. He jumped back a but and growled, he was suddenly more like an actual wild animal.

He took a cautious step back when he bared his teeth. "L, it's me" i whispered while slowly stretching out my hand. But he didn't seem recognize me, instead he lunged at me and I dropped the camera. Losing connection with the rest of the team

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