Chapter One

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"Come on Sweetie! We're going to be late for dinner with the Braxons," my dad called from downstairs.

I rolled my eyes. Another dinner with the Braxons. Every time I came home from the university to visit my dad he would always conveniently have a dinner planned with that family. I think he was secretly trying to get me together with their son. I'm not going to complain about that one; Brett was gorgeous. All of the human girls threw themselves at him.

Although he was something to look forward to, the conversation was not. My dad and Brett's dad would always go off about the werewolves – how disgusting they were, how savage they were, how they should be locked up in a silver cage for the rest of their lives so us humans can live in peace with each other.

"MAE! Let's go!" I pushed myself off of the bed and reluctantly found my way down the stairs. "I'm glad you decided to dress up. I heard Brett is going to be there." He wiggled his eyebrows in my direction.

Okay, it's definitely not a secret that he wants us to date.

"Dad! Please stop." My cheeks became warm – something that happened every time I was even slightly embarrassed. Although me and my dad were close, I didn't like telling him much about my dating life, because it was almost non-existent and when I was dating someone he would make such a huge deal out of it.

The drive was quiet. As the car raced alongside the forest, I could see creatures running in the distance. I smiled to myself, watching as their bodies pushed forward. There were at least twenty of them running, with the biggest in the front.

My dad cleared his throat and I peeked over at him. He wore a scowl on his face and gave me a stern look.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. He did not like when I looked or thought about those "ugly beasts" as he called them. I turned my gaze to the front window and turned the music up in hopes to think about something else.

We finally got to the restaurant fifteen minutes later. The Braxons were already waiting at the table for us. When we approached, Brett got up from his chair to pull the seat out next to him. He sent me one of his bright smiles and I sat.

I wasn't much of a small talker. I preferred deep conversations, but with all of these small minds it was hard to talk about anything. So, I stayed out of the conversation for most of the night and thankfully the werewolf conversation didn't come up until we were on dessert.

Our dessert was brought over by a very muscular teenager. He towered over the table and had on a bright smile. Although he was young, his manly features fit him perfectly. It was obvious that he was a werewolf.

It was easy to spot a werewolf because they tended to be much more built than an average human. They were tall and muscular all over.

My dad gave the waiter a disgusted glare. "I am not eating that. Take it back."

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