Silently Falling

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Alexis was your typical everyday good girl with excellent grades, a single best friend, an annoying elder brother and a family that loved her to no end.

When senior year rolled up, Alexis wasn't looking to expand her small social circle of friends or put herself out there but things are meant to change, after all, change is the only constant thing in life.

Paired to do a group assignment with the school's three new mysterious gorgeous looking guys at the start of the term, Alexis is tested in more ways than one.

Cheesy pick up lines, rude guys, charming smiles, motorcycle rides, coffee dates and long hours together is all it takes to make her question everything she ever knew.

But what happens when she falls for one of them? The one with the dark hair and green eyes? What will she do when he finds out about the secret she's been harbouring all her life? She begins to regret her decision and wish she'd met him long before but life has its own way of playing with one's feelings. Will her secret break their newly found relationship or will it make it grow stronger?

Formerly known as: Falling In Love With You



Start: 15/02/2019
End: 20/09/2019


This book may contain

Cringe-worthy lines
Sexual innuendos
Totally clichè scenes
Stupid pick up lines
And decisions that will make you face palm yourself



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