Chapter 2: Sleepover

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Adrien watched, bemused, as Marinette utterly deflated beside him.  Her shoulders slumped, her eyes (had they always been so blue?) filled  with tears, "T-two days?" she stammered weakly, avoiding his gaze, "but ...  how-how are we going to pull this off?"

He kept his own jittery  nerves in check, fishing his phone from his pockets. "Hold on, I'll  check with Natalie to see if she can do something." Typing a quick text  explaining their awkward situation, he glanced back at his upset friend,  sighing dejectedly, "Look Mari, I know the situation isn't ideal, and  you probably aren't looking forward to spending two entire days with me,  but if it comes down to it, I'm sure we can figure something out so I'm  as little a nuisance to you as possible."

Horrified, Marinette  suddenly flailed, bringing his own arm into an uncomfortable pull,  "Whoa, whoa! Where did that c-come from? Why-why would you think you'd  be a nuisance to me? I enjoy spending time with you!" she squealed out  so fast that Adrien had troubles figuring out what she had said.

Surprised  by her statement, he stared at her, "You do? Cause this whole handcuffs  thing seems to upset you a lot, and I really liked my afternoon with  you, so it's not that bad."

Marinette finally found the  courage to look at him in the eyes, and smiled warmly, "Nah you're  right. Sorry. I-I tend to overthink everything, and I might have a  slight anxiety problem."

Adrien's phone rang at that precise  second, and his eyes widened considerably upon seeing the caller, "Ah...  It's my father, I have to take this."

As soon as he pressed the  green button on the screen, Marinette could hear Gabriel Agreste's stern  voice blaring through the speakers, " You were supposed to be home  by now, where are you, Adrien? And what is this nonsense about getting  handcuffed with some girl?"

The young man looked at his  friend warily, but she was still smiling at him, not taking offense of  his father's harsh words. He mouthed "Sorry" toward her, and then  cleared his throat, "It's as I texted Natalie, Father. There's been a  mishap with some artifact, and we're attached together until some  specialized locksmith frees us, on Tuesday morning."

They heard the older Agreste grunt on the other side of the line before replying dryly, "  How inconvenient. Obviously you'll have to skip fencing, but we can't  reschedule tomorrow's photoshoot. We'll have to work around this ...  little problem. I'll have Natalie see if she can find someone to do the  job earlier. What do you plan to do in the meantime?"

Adrien  looked at Marinette expectantly, and she sighed, defeated, "I'm  guessing we'll have to sleep at each other's place. Can you come at my  place tonight? I have to explain this mess to my parents, and we could  go to yours tomorrow."

   "Sounds reasonable, miss-?"

"Marinette," Adrien provided, "she won a few of your contests."

"  Ah, yes. Well, then, Natalie will keep you updated should she manage to  get you out of this ... situation sooner than those museum incompetents. I  hope you're aware that I'm not pleased at all, Adrien."


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