When I looked around the room, conversation was flowing but I was not apart of it. I sat aside from them all, I would like to say that my friends took notice, but really they were all wrapped up in the conversation, but I could never hold that against them. However, what did get under my skin was how Miss Walters was so proactive in their chit chat. She was making everyone laugh, she was confident with all the guys, and when she introduced herself she didn't get shy, she announced it without a stutter. Now I knew why I was so forgettable, she was most definitely easy to remember, witty, and everything I would never be. I wanted to get out of my hd and escape the pity party that I was attending, table for one, but I just couldn't change my mindset into something positive.

After an hour and a half of playing the wallflower I decided to slip out and take a breather in the hall. I knew no one would miss me, I mean they were focussed on everyone who was talking, not the person slipping out the door. I saw Miss Walters smirk just as I left the room, I hated giving her any satisfaction, but I also hated sitting in the same room with as she won over everyone in the room. Receding from their room, the more sad I became, I almost reduced myself to tears right there in the hallway. Luckily, I made it to the elevator where I could finally have some solitude. Then the elevator music came on and of course its "What Makes You Beautiful."

I don't know what came over me but I started screaming, I mean literally raging at everything, I pressed every button for every floor, hit all the walls, it was so out of character for me that when I stopped I almost felt like someone else when I saw all the floor buttons lit up and my hair felt like it was everywhere. Now I knew I had officially lost it. I never loose my temper which may have been why I was just pushed to the edge over something so little as my arch nemesis completely ruining and taking over my life. No big deal. Although, when the door dinges signalling it was my time to leave, I decomposed myself and exited the elevator as if nothing had happened. But as I turned the corner, I see three violas outside my hotel door giggling. I was little confused and started walking towards them although they took no notice to me.

"Can you believe that they are with One Direction right now," one of them spoke up.

"Yeah, even the girl who slept with the judges is with them. Do you think she'll try and sleep with One Direction?" another questioned as all the girls laughed.

"No, those guys have more class, I bet they can tell she's not that pure," the third one joked.

"But boys will be boys," they laughed. That's when I decided I'd better reveal myself.

"Seems we've got some girls trying to break an entering," I said as I approached them and all the girls froze.

"What it's okay to talk about me behind my back but when I actually come face to face with you, you're all just cowards. You don't what happened at my audition but I can assure you it was all rated PG. So you all can believe a stupid rumor spread throughout the orchestra being fabricated however anyone sees fit, but as for now you can head back to your room." And once I finished my speech they nodded and headed off to where I assume there room is. I then wondered why they were even here. Then I heard some clapping and I turned to see Bonnie, Samantha, Lila, and Sadie. I blushed but then remembered my episode in the elevator and how I felt and exhaustion kinda took over.

"Why'd you leave?" Lila asked.

"I wasn't feeling all that well," I said with a yawn and drooping eyes.

"You mean you didn't like how cozy we all seemed with it," Sadie guessed. And she guessed correct. "But you need to know it is just so we can get close to the enemy and prove to Niall you're the one."

"But see I've only known him for two weeks. I can't be the one, I don't even know if he is the one. He is just a crush that has me going crazy every time I see him," I told them all.