Ch.2 Shadow Clones

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(Karma and Naruto's house)

Wake up you're going to be late it's the big day ya know


Naruto gathered everything he needed so he could run out the house and grabbed the small baggy of rice balls from Karma then gave him a hug while still slipping on his shoes all in a hurry. Naruto was about to pull away and head out but paused as Karma held tight prolonging the hug for a bit longer.

Good luck brat

Naruto smiled and felt himself relax feeling slightly more confident and after a few more seconds of just calming down Naruto pulled away and flashed Karma his signature smile before opening the door and leaving filled with determination.

(At the academy)

Naruto was up next so he took a breath and relaxed then summoned up his chakra and made his hand signs creating the needed clones perfectly or that was his plan instead he failed due to only creating 1 clone out of 3 and the clone looked pale and dead, so weak it couldn't stand it just twitched on the ground, in a way it was kinda as if it was a gross moist slug that was killed then turned into a human. Naruto slowly walked back to the classroom in shame hearing all the students whispering about him behind his back as if he couldn't hear him but started to feel like they might actually be right. He failed again, after everything, he failed, he failed Karma.

(Later at the ending ceremony)

Naruto was on a swing that hung from a tree a little ways away from everyone else thinking about how he was going to break the news to Karma. Karma spent so much time with him trying to show him what he needed to do, explaining everything so thoroughly so Naruto could grasp what needed to be done but in the end he couldn't do it.

Random girl 1
Ya over there you see him ya that boy the only one who didn't pass out of the whole class, everyone else past

Random girl 2
Ya well the village can't let someone like him pass imagine what would happ-Ack!

Before the girl could finish her sentence she was knocked to the ground by someone who threw a strong punch to her gut making her fall to the ground in pain feeling vomit threatening to force its way up. The other girl went to her friend that was on the ground now and went to make sure she was ok out of concern then glaring at the culprit angrily.

Sorry I seemed to of slipped and drove my fist into your gut, why dont you try finishing what you were about to say?

Random girl 1

I didnt, I told you I slipped. Now why don't you apologise for what you we're about to say

Karma looks down on the two woman a dark smile spreading across his face (you know the one). He then flexed his fingers slowly making them all crack and started slowly approaching the now petrified woman.

[[Naruto's thoughts]]

Oh no Karmas gone demon mode also know as the black devil. Karma sometimes just loses it and turns dark and likes to go full psycho on people and it normally always ends with someone breaking a finger or two. Normally I have to stop him or let it play out but other than that there no stopping him from doing whatever he wants.

(Back to the real world)

Random girl 1
I-IM sorry please we're sorry we won't talk like that anymore!!!

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