Ch.7 C Rank Mission!

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(New chapter!!!)

The mornings light shined through the younger uzumaki brothers window giving a soft warm peacefulness to the room. Sadly Naruto only felt announce as the sun blinded him making him squint while he lay on the floor, a certain red head having pushed him out of his own bed. Naruto got up while sending his brother a grumpy glare then chose to just start getting ready for the day and get dressed. As Naruto's morning routine continued and he walked into the bathroom and started to brush his teeth and let his eyes wander the room before glancing down at Karma's anbu mask that sat on the sink counter and the light gray vest that layed on the floor. His eyesight continued to wander till he froze at seeing a gross full kinda yellow looking fingernail sitting on the sinks cold counter.

Eww that had to hurt, I hope that's not Karma's............or maybe I do, I'd rather like to believe Karma doesn't peal fingernails off people and bring them home

Naruto quickly rinsed his mouth before put his toothbrush away then grabbed some toilet paper and picked up the fingernail before dropping it in a small garbage bin then continued on with his morning. After finishing in the bathroom Naruto headed back to his room and finished getting ready then turned to his bed where Karma layed, his body laying diagonally his feet on the left bottom corner and his head on the right top corner while having also stolen Naruto's pillow. Karma was most definitely a bed hogger who would literally shove people out of the bed while sleeping.

I'm leaving now

Karma didn't move one inch from where he layed making Naruto sigh and pick up his blanket from the floor then lay it out over his brother before leaving the house to go to the training grounds without eating breakfast due to being told not to eat. Once Naruto left the house and the door shut behind him the home was left in a silent state, the only noice being Karma's soft almost unnoticeable breathing and the silent wind chimes ringing lightly in the breeze.

(Time skip after Kakashi test a week maybe more later, Hokage's Building)

Madam Shijimi
Oh~ My sweet baby, dear me you scared mommy so much when you went missing oh deer~

Madam Shijimis voice filled the room as she paraded he brown fluffy furred cat who meowed in discomfort and struggled to run away again but with no luck. Off to the side Kakashi and his young newly formed team 7 stood there watching in discomfort at the sight of the woman and the shaking cat.

Hahaha that stupid cat, it deserves to be squashed!

Naruto snickered as he watched the cat cry in the womans arms while Sakura only frowned and cringed back.

Yikes no wonder he ran away

The Hokage cleared his throat gaining mostly everyone's attention except for Madam Shijimi who was still focused on her safely returned fur baby in relief for it's safe return.

Now then for squad sevens next mission here is the list of the next available tasks, huh amongst them there is babysitting the chef consolers three year old, assisting his wife with the shopping, picking out potatoes and-

Noooooo! I want to go on a real mission!

Naruto shouted gaining everyone's attention as he squatted his nees slightly and made an X with his arms accompanied by an angry disagreeable face.

Something exciting or challenging not this little kid stuff! Come on old man!

Sasuke seemed to agree with Naruto and Sakura looked from the Hokage to Naruto in annoyance at how disrespectful Naruto was being while in here mind she was yelling about how he's got a point about the missions. Iruka sensei sat up from his seat at the large table where he, the Hokage, and a few others sat to listen to the mission report slamming his hands on the desk angerly.

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