Ch.8 In The Land Of Waves

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Ok anbu outfit on? check, Mask?check, spices of torture packed? check, beef jerky for the road? check, Setsu still ignoring me? I waited for a reply but as expected I heard nothing and sighed, check. That wolf really does go into a month of solitude before speaking up with some random pun or joke. Putting the beef jerky and spice collection into my pouch while also packing some ninja stars, kunai, makibishi, a grappling hook, and my favorite thin hidden saya knives.

(Makibishi are those small tack like things ninja's spread across the ground as traps, and the knives are thin costume made Saya knives that he hides all over his body.)

Moving away from the kitchen table that I had been piling my supplies for the missions trip I gave the house a look over making sure nothing was left behind before heading out and towards the anbu headquarters to collect the mist ninja. Jump from roof to roof and making my way through the village with my minimum supplies as expected the mist ninja was still where I left her in her cell.

Kay Rossuku~ Shall we be off and get that little thing that holds you in as Gatō's prisoner?

Your Hokage approved?

Yup now can you tell me what we need to collect

Kay daughter

Blindfolded the ebony haired woman so she wouldn't know where the Anbu headquarters was I returned all her weapons outside the village walls.

The trip will only take about 3-4 hours without any stops and if we cut straight there without taking the path will arrive around morning to noon

Great but I'm not some inhuman person who doesn't need breaks like you and cutting straight there is just going to get us lost then neither of us will be able to slit that pig's throat

Oh another thing no killing I'm on the ropes as it is and need one mission without casualties so... play lightly~

Cutting straight through the forest without the path we ended up taking 4 breaks as she was out of breath and we ended up arriving around the next day near dinner time. This is why doing mission alone is easier but I guess we made it. Entering into the land of waves then reaching the village everything looked poorly held together and children and people sat in the streets looking hungry and tired. The bridge was undergoing construction while all the workers seemed to be working hard taking the nice weather of the day into an advantage.

We have to hurry

But taking one's time is so much more enjoyable~

Earning a glare from the mist ninja I gave a happy smile then continued on my way with her tracking slowly behind me as I soon took notice of the scents of the bridge builder I escorted, Kakashi, and my brother along with his two teammates all coming from the bridges direction which after looking back at it took notice of the sudden mist covering it.

Damit that fog has to be from the other mist ninjas

Probably. Giving a sigh I looked into my pocket for some jerky but frowned as the bag was empty and I tisked my tongue, fixing my mask I looked to the bridge again then advanced forward stealthily into the fog. Hearing Naruto's voice along with a young males and giving a sigh at the young males story of how his mother and him were to be killed for there special bloodline abilities but how only he survived his father, how Zabuza took him in and gave him purpose again in life and had a reason to exist but now that he's nothing but a broken weapon of Zabuzas he is useless once more. Comparing himself and Naruto, asking death upon himself. I put my hands in my pockets as I looked out over the bridge.

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