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This is embarassing but in this first chapter some naughty thing... yaykz! I haven't told my pet teddy bear named Panda about this story. He is far too young to be reading this boyxboy story. ~Fcee


Everything was loud that night. The Sound from the four other dormitories was competing against each other. They were having a party while our dorm was staying idle as it had always been. The loser’s dorm or the Rogue’s cave, our dorm has been called so many names, and had never or will never get any fun like the other prestige dorms. It was the way life had been at the Empire Academy for boys. Through the eyes of the people outside the academy, it would be the greatest school.  But for some of students like us who were actually here, it could be the most dangerous.

I was complaining again to myself because none of the four ‘suits’ of the Empire selected me. Not getting selected meant that I would be considered as one of the lower caste in the school. Like the untouchables in the caste system, it would mean a hard life. But I decided to live with it. It was my parent’s wish after all that I graduate in the same school my brother went in before the accident that took his life. I kept telling myself that it would only be four years and after that I could do whatever I wanted like what my father promised me.

I was lying on my bed with pillows over my face when I heard a knock. I wasn’t expecting anyone. But there was one person who always made it a habit to visit me in hours like this. It was my best buddy Jeremy. It was always Jeremy who comes barging in late at night just for some drink or talk. I thought maybe Jeremy was just unable to sleep, like I was. For nights like this one, talking to Jeremy would be more fun than lying here on my bed unable to sleep because of the noise.

“Come in,” I called out without lifting the pillow from my head. My eyes and ears were covered by the pillow leaving my mouth and nose outside so I could breath. My voice was loud so I assumed that Jer had heard me.

The door opened and Jeremy walked towards my bed. I heard the door shut close and then I felt his presence came closer.

“You can’t sleep either huh?” I murmured when I felt the bed sunk where I assumed Jeremy took a sit. I immediately removed the pillow from my face and then I was greeted by darkness. “Hey why did you turn the lights off?” I pulled myself up to a sitting position but I was returned to my bed by a sudden push from the guy.

“What the hell Jer?” I blurted. I hadn’t recovered from the shock of being pushed to my bed yet when another thing happened. I felt something heavy over my body; as if something was on top of me and that something was a human body. I was being pinned down on my bed with such a force that I couldn’t counter.

“This is not funny. This is really not funny Jeremy.”

I couldn’t see Jeremy’s reaction playing this game but I knew this was not like him at all. I could not make out Jeremy’s face, only a bit of his silhouette. And just by looking at the dark shadow of the guy on top of me I had seen something that made me froze, the guy’s lips were descending on to mine. I struggled but it was futile. Inches near my face Jeremy stopped.

“What made you think my name is Jeremy?” The guy whispered in my right ear. At that instant I realized my mistake. The guy on top of me, for some reason wasn’t my friend. There were similarities in their voice but I was sure that it was a different person not my best friend. And Jeremy never played this sort of game.

“W-who are?” I struggled again, pushing the guy with all my effort but I was weak.

“Let’s just say I’m an admirer,” the guy whispered again with soft and more seductive voice. Then I could feel the guy’s lips moving near my ear.

“Pervert!” I exclaimed and resisted again but it was futile.

The guy chuckled. “I won’t do anything you wouldn’t like. I swear!” The stranger said again before taking my right ear in his soft lips. I could feel the warmth of the guy’s lips on my earlobes. He was nibbling on my ear as if it was some chewable candy.

“What the hell, this is really…” I wasn’t able to continue when I felt something on my mouth. It was soft and it was fighting its way in. It was the guy’s lips, capturing me in a mouth locking kiss.

“Get off me, get off me.” I shouted when the guy freed my captured lips but it didn’t help me in any way. I could feel the guy’s hand on me, exploring me. The stranger was caressing my body and I couldn’t protest.

“Stop!” I shouted but was silenced again by another mouth locking kiss. I could feel another foreign thing inside my mouth. It was moving and somehow had been caressing my tongue. It was the other guy’s tongue.

“You’re telling me to stop but your body is doing quite the opposite.” The guy whispered after the kiss and then went back to my lips for yet another mouth warming fusion. I tried closing my lips desperately this time. And when the guy’s lips were on mine, his tongue couldn’t find its way in.

“My, my, you’re a fighter, aren’t you?” The guy muttered. And he took both of my arms into one of his hand and the other hand pinched my nose. With that my nose and mouth were closed. Air wasn’t able to get in into my lungs. I was suffocating pressure build inside my body. Desperate for air I opened my mouth to breath and was then captured by the guy’s velvety lips. He was making me breath the air from inside his body. It was like we were breathing as one.

“Resistance is futile Dylan, just give in to your desire.”

I heard him chuckle. “I won’t do anything you wouldn’t like. I swear!” He said again near my ear and then I felt him nimble on my ear lobes.

“Do you think I like this? What the hell, this is really…” I wasn’t able to continue when his mouth captured mine in yet another kiss. “Get off me, get off me.” I was already shouting when I felt his hand on me. He was caressing me.

“Stop!” I shouted and he kissed me again.

“You’re repeatedly tells me to stop but your body is doing the very opposite of your words.” He whispered and then tried to kiss me again. “See what I mean?” I closed my eyes as his hand landed to the most sensitive part of my body. I moaned a little and then realization hit me. I was aroused by what he was doing.

A/N After a  couple more of thinking whether I should continue this story or not I decide to finish it anyway. So how do you guys like this start? Please tell me what you think! Sweet kisses, ~fcee

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