Rina and Kenzi

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Rina and Kenzi are inseperable...they are cousins and best friends.

Katerina (Rina) is the pretty girl who loves fashion and pink, she is the nicest person you will ever meet and has a heart of gold that sadly has been broken.She has the looks and the heart but also has an attitude and sassiness thanks to her cousin who showed her how to have a back bone.

Mackenzi (Kenzi) she considers herself as normal but she is not, she has a temper, get on her bad side and you will regret it, she will prank the life out of you, also she is not afraid to break a nail in a fight and people consider her a badass but she just says they are stupid and don't know what they are talking about.But everything she does is for a reason and she would do anything for her family. She will go all momma bear if you mess with Katerina.

After traumatic experiences they decide to move back to Kenzi's old home to start again.

They were hoping for a normal year, doing stupid things like they always do but what happens when they meet Daniel, the bad boy- Kayden, the jock- Ethan the player and Noah the sweet guy.

Do you think they can handdle all that testosterone and not have a heart attack because of their ideas that always seem to get them in trouble?

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