3rd P.O.V.

Cat smile at the mysterious boy, showing off her deep dimple. She was excited to tell him something she thought recently, "Want to hear a joke?"

There was a moment of silence for the both of them, Cat was waiting and eager to tell the joke to Alex already.

"No thanks," He respond, not giving her a glance. "I think I hear enough of you, don't you think?"

Cat frowned of his comment, "That was really mean, don't you think?"

Alex quickly glance at Cat. Her doe eyes lower in sadness while her pink lips pouted causing him to sigh, and rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Whatever, tell me"

Cat's chocolate brown eyes lit up and a bright smile splash across her face, "Really?"

"Tell me before I change my mind." He stated coldly.

"What did the ocean said to the other ocean?" She quickly said, a wide grin on her face. Her chocolate brown eyes sparkles with joy.


"Nothing, they just wave." She giggled

Alex was quiet for a moment. He stare at the overjoy Cat. His expression on his face was lacking of amusement.

"That was the stupidest joke I've ever heard." He stated, his cold blue still staring at her.

Cat frowned and glance down, "I thought it was funny." She whispers.

Alex snicker at her pain expression, "You are such a baby."

"Excuse me?!"

"You are such a baby." He repeated. "What? Are you deaf or something?"

"You're so mean!" Cat examined. Her eyebrows furrowed together and her arms crossed. Her cheeks puffed out.

"Well, doll face. That's not shocking, is it?"

Cat stared at Alex for a solid minute and nodded, "I should call you Mr. Meanie cause you're mean." She rested her head on the palm of her hand and stare at his work.

He smirks and mumbles as he's working on the piece of paper that he been writing the whole time, "You have no idea."

Cat stares at his face. He was focused, all right. His eyebrows was scrunch up, his strong jaw clenched while his lips muttered out the words he was writing down. His intense ocean blue eyes was staring down at the movement of his pencil. He was scribbling down rapidly as if he was trying to burn it.

"I think you're gonna burn the paper." Cat joked. A small, playful smile appear on her face as she continued watching him.

A amused smirk appear on his face at her joke but quickly disappeared, "Whatever."

"Do you like writing?" She asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. Her eyes landed on his face for any expression.

"Cat, didn't we just discuss about that shitty 21–" He was cut off by Catherine's adorable squeak.

"No, it just seem you really do enjoy writing." Cat said. Her doe eyes stared at Alex, scanning for any sight of emotion. Alex kept quiet.

"I wouldn't prefer to say I like it. More like.. I do it when I'm bored."

"Like a hobby?" Cat beam.

"I suppose so," Alex said. "No big deal though."

She smile at his little confession, "So you like reading?" She asked.

"No." He flatly said, not hesitating to answer.

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