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"And so I said to him," Alex paused for effect, sipping his beer as he glanced at each person sitting around the table. "I said 'Jay-Z, fuck you' and he couldn't do anything about it!"

"Right?" Rian gasped through his laughter. "What could he do? We're the Attention Takers!"

Kasey sat beside Alex with her arm wrapped around his. Unable to see the humor in the story, she sipped her own drink and stared at each of them quizzically. "I don't get it."

"It's a spy thing." Kendall shrugged.

"You see, Donald Trump was all... and then Jay-Z said... you had to be there." Alex smiled, leaning his head on Kasey's

Jack shook his head, shifting the weight of the sleeping newborn in his arms. Beside him, Gabby cupped her hands under his beer glass as he brought it to his lips.

"Are you trying to drown her?" She asked.

"I don't think she's small enough to be drowned in droplets of water." Jack scoffed.

"Hey, uh, Gab," Kasey tapped Gabby's shoulder and pointed at their pool. "Tony's holding Zack under water again."

"Dammit, Tony!" Gabby shouted.

The young boy released Zack's neck so that the lifeless body floated down towards the deep end. Tony clutched his head and swayed.

"Whoa, I'm so wasted..." he slurred, pitching himself sideways into the water.

"For the record," Gabby spat at Jack, getting out of her seat slowly. "I'm teaching Alexandra to talk not you. Where's the pool net?"

"Pool shed," Jack told her.

"Gabby, you don't want to miss the story of how Kasey and I met, do you?" Alex called after her.

Gabby stopped and turned around. "I was there, Alex. Life-or-death coma, promises to be together in the real world, you picked her up at the hospital and brought her to your place, and she's been one of us ever since. She keeps me company while you guys go on missions and I love her dearly. Now I have to fish Zack out of the pool before his body rots."

She went to the other side of the pool where James was happily alone with his daughter, nearly a year old now, splashing in the water. He touched his nose to hers and smiled at her screams of delight. It amazed Gabby how well he took to fatherhood. Her presence almost went unnoticed, but he caught her just as she was passing by.

"Should I try and revive Zack? "

Gabby debated, then shook her head. "If we lay him out in the sun long enough, he'll regain consciousness just so he can brag about his exceptional tanning abilities."

"See, that's what I figured, but you never know." He reverted his attention to his baby, a spitting image of Cosmo with only his nose as a distinguishing factor, to speak in his baby voice. "Isn't that right? Uncle Zack might actually be dead this time!"

From around the corner of the house, Caleb wheeled Kyle through the grass. The almost able-bodied man waved to everyone on the patio. It had taken him eight months to get to where he was, but she could tell that Kyle was happy regardless of how much fartherfarther he had to go in his rehabilitation.

Gabby was joined by Kasey on her venture to the pool shed. She knew exactly what the new girl to was going to ask, but pretended she didn't. As expected, Kasey looked around cautiously and proceeded to whisper.

"Has Alex said anything yet?"

Gabby crossed her fingers behind her back where Kasey couldn't see. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Come on! " Kasey whined. "Like, if he decides to pop the question in the near future, you'd tell me, right? I want to be surprised, but I hate surprises!"

They turned to leave, running into Alex who extended a small and open black box in her direction. "SURPRISE!"

Startled, Kasey slapped his hand, sending the box and its contents flying deeper into the shed. They stood their with their hands over their mouths trying to pinpoint the exact location that the box dropped.

"Well," Gabby snorted. "Happy hunting!"

She darted from the shed, hearing Alex pop the question, and went to crouch beside Zack who must have hoisted himself out of the water. He rubbed his pecs and examined his arm.

"How tan is too tan?"

Gabby pulled James' towel off of the nearest pool chair and draped it over Zack. "Don't be that guy."

"Grammy," Kyle called out to her. "I brought you a new baby gift!"

She approached him and took the bag he extended to her. When she opened it, she laughed. "It's one steak."

"Medium-rare please!" Kyle wheeled past her, leaving room for Caleb to awkwardly shuffle his feet with his hands behind his back.

"Quick hug," he said, throwing his arms around her and letting her go just as fast.

"Wow, Caleb, a whole second and a half! You must really be warming up to me." She said sarcastically.

"You just had a baby. It's a freebie." He hissed.

"GUYS!" Kasey cried from the shed. "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!"

Rian laughed at a distant memory. "Remember when Gabby thought it was a good idea to bring Lisa back into the picture?"

"AH-AH-AH," Gabby shushed him. "Congratulate the happy couple and leave me out of it!"

Cassadee shot out of the house and ran to Kasey's side to celebrate the ring. Confused, Gabby looked from the house to Cassadee. When she looked at Rian, he raised his beer.

"She can smell commitment from miles away. Don't ask me how."

"So that's Jack, Alex, and me down," Carlos pointed out.

"Is it safe to say that Rian is next?" Kyle asked saucily.

"Is it?" Cassadee called from across the pool.

"Love you, honey!" Rian called back before gritting his teeth and lowering his voice. "Don't rush me, motherfuckers."

In Jack's arms, Alexandra began to squirm and fuss. Jack went rigid, unsure of how to handle the situation. "Gabby, she's freakin out. Do something. Hit the off switch!"

"Oh, no, mini-me!" Alex cooed, joining the group and taking the baby from her.

"Remind me again why Alex had the privilege of naming both of our kids." Gabby said to Jack.

"Alex is a badass angel. He can do what he wants."

This was a statement Gabby could agree with. Thinking about it, she had the craziest life of anyone she knew. Who else could take down a musical demon and come out alive and peaceful like her family did? Things were back to normal, or as normal as Gabby could imagine. She was about to go in for a kiss with Jack until she was interrupted by a new mission call.

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