~Eddsworld Imagines~ by Tates_is_an_emo
~Eddsworld Imagines~by Slushieboi
oh boi here I go again with an Eddsworld story that will fail
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Isn't this Forbidden? (A PopularMMOs x GamingWithJen F.F.) by Denise4Fanfics
Isn't this Forbidden? (A DeviantGamer
•Discontinued• When two souls meet they find a bond. She is the Princess of the Overworld He is the Prince of Twilight They're born to hate each other But the...
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Nostalgia || Christian Anthony  by itsk8right
Nostalgia || Christian Anthony by K
"Girl just scream it out" Mags Wheels is an indie rock junkie who struggles with insecurities. Christian Anthony moves here all the way from Australia with his...
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New Beginnings (TomTord Comic)) by MB_Demon_King
New Beginnings (TomTord Comic))by .
idfk I spelled beginnings wrong fuck
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Different Worlds: A Popularmmos x Gamingwithjen fanfiction by bluefairywrites
Different Worlds: A Popularmmos BlueFairy
Pat, more commonly known as Furious Destroyer, is the son of the Lich King and is feared throughout dimensions. Jen is the princess of The Overworld, and known for her c...
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I Love You (A popularmmos and GamingWithJen fanfiction. Pat X Jen) by dogeshiba2468
I Love You (A popularmmos and Twilight, Summoner of Elements
Jen is a smart girl with family issues. Pat is an athletic boy who has the perfect life. As people say, opposites attract. One day, they fall in love. Both are afraid to...
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Red Leader & His Pet by LittleNorskiTord
Red Leader & His Petby Tord
Red Leader has Tom as his pet.
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Living on the street.   Adopted by Popularmmos and Gaming with Jen story. by Ellabella819
Living on the street. Adopted Ella 🍍
A 6 year old girl named Harper has been in an orphanage for her whole life until she runs away and lives under a park bench. But then her heroes (Popularmmos and Gamin...
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My Favorite Blind Date (TomTord) by kittydoggy1
My Favorite Blind Date (TomTord)by Saniya
Tom and Tord have been on many blind dates, but not one has satisfied their interest. One after one, they had made no connection with anyone. But later do they know who...
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Dem salty bois (oneshot (Nessy x dem salty bois )) by bloodynessy666
Dem salty bois (oneshot (Nessy x Bloody Nessy 666
I just wanted to make this because I can. and why the dem salty bois. you may think. we'll I just wanted to do write something. and have a nice day. and have fun well re...
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Experiment Blue by kittykat12368
Experiment Blueby TomTord
A scientist named Tord kidnaps an innocent citizen named Tom and does experiments on him. A/N if this book is like any book you've read, i don't care and don't tell me b...
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[Evading the Bitter Truth] - TomTord / TordTom by SwearOnMySoul
[Evading the Bitter Truth] - Swears
Tom and Tord never got along very well, but managed to keep the arguing to a minimum. After the New Year's party, both wake in the same bed with horrible hangovers. Wil...
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Child's Play: An Eddsworld TordEdd Fan story by Creative_Overload
Child's Play: An Eddsworld * Unholy Screeching *
After The End happened, Edd, Matt, and Tom all had their own problems to deal with. PTSD, depression, anxiety, and just a constant fear Tord will return and put their li...
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I'm Sorry ~A Tomtord  One-shot Fanfic by Kunstner_
I'm Sorry ~A Tomtord One-shot Kunstner_
This story would happen after the end. It would also be in the past also, I imagine Tord to also have a demon thing like Tom. Well, everyone does actually, Matt= vampir...
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The Titanic (Pat and Jen version) by Boxerz11
The Titanic (Pat and Jen version)by Fluffaroo Draws
Pats a poor man who loves making cookies. Jen's a Wealthy girl who's boyfriend is an idiot. They meet on the Titanic, then something magical happens.
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Eddsworld x reader oneshots by friendsworld2003
Eddsworld x reader oneshotsby Allison Jaguar wright
so i'm making another oneshot and i just had to do Eddsworld .because i want to keep his world spinning and yeah...request is fully open I do not own Eddsworld
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Ask Eddsworld by IvoryTheDeer
Ask Eddsworldby I wanna fucking die
Yo, welcome to "Ask Eddsworld"! Ask anything you want (0lease read the first chapter before asking!)
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Demma and Pen (With A Side Of Phan) by gabriels_winchester
Demma and Pen (With A Side Of Phan)by LafaYEET
Some oneshots on Demma (dantdm and Jemma) and Pen (Pat and Jen) Some are going to be fluffiness, and you know the other ;3 It's going to be: Pen, Demma, Pen, Demma etc...
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Please Stay... (A Pen Fanfic) by Spookay_TeamTDM
Please Stay... (A Pen Fanfic)by TayTDM
Jen is an 18 year old girl whose father abuses her and her brother Bob. One day they decide to run away, but soon Bob becomes a drug addict and starts abusing Jen. But t...
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You're not Alone (tomtord) by TheRedHoodieCommie
You're not Alone (tomtord)by TheBlueHoodieJehovah
Tord woke up from a nightmare tom stabbing tord in the chest with a harpoon and much more bad stuff tord finally gets out of his job of being a leader aka red leader Pau...
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