Chapter 14


One week ago Asher and I confessed that we loved each other. As I bid him goodbye that Christmas night, he convinced me to do something that I should’ve been done a long time ago.

Today was the day. The first time in three years since I’ve seen him. Asher had told me this would be good. I’d have to do this at some point, although I didn’t want to.

I convinced my mom I’d be fine going in myself. She had visited him a few times over the years.

”Tyler, remember he hasn’t changed back to the same guy from when you were little. The alcohol changed him, even when he isn’t stumbling drunk.”

“Mom, I can do this. He is my father after all.”

I pulled up to the gray building, similar to the sky above. Getting out of my car, I walked in and told the lady at the front desk who I was, and whom I was visiting.

The guard spoke, “You have ten minutes,” before opening the doors.

I shakily closed the door behind me before facing him. He was sat at a table with two chairs, looking down. I slowly walked to the chair across from him, and sat down.

He looked up, his gray eyes shining with an emotion I couldn’t recognize. His face had aged some, and his hair was now sporting some gray streaks.

“Why are you here?” his gruff voice spoke, his mouth still in a frown.

“I thought I should visit you, George. It’s been three years.”

“So we are going by first names now? That is no way to talk to your father, Tyler.”

“Well, considering you abused me since I was a little girl, I wouldn’t consider you much of a father,” I sneered through gritted teeth.

I thought I saw his eyes soften for a bit at the word “abused”, but they quickly hardened, filled with an immense amount of hatred.

“Well of course I abused you, stupid girl! I only ever wanted to have a son, then get rid of your mother. But, the she had you! A mistake is what you are!  You and your mother are both pathetic and worthless.”

Once he was finished, his face was flushed red with anger.

Tears started flowing down my face.

Father? You are dead to me,” I spat, standing up.

“Oh, and daughter?” he mimicked, “You were dead to me the first day you were born.”

He laughed dryly, and smiling devishly up at me.

Before I opened the door, he spoke his final words.

“Tyler? Next time you visit, bring me a beer or two.”

He laughed his cynical laugh as I slammed the door behind me.

By the time I opened the door to my car and closed it I was bawling. I slammed my fists onto the steering wheel and cried and cried. I pulled at my hair recklessly.

‘A mistake’.

All I am is a mistake. He said so it himself, confirming the voices in my head.

My phone then went off, flashing Asher’s name on the screen.

I quickly answered, sniffling into the phone.

“Hey, Tyler, how’d it go?”

“I-I, just don’t know anymore,” I stuttered.

“Baby, what happened? Can you drive? Come over to my house.”

“I’m fine, and okay I’ll see you in a few.”

I got to Asher’s house and quickly ran upstairs collapsing on top of him on his bed. He sat up and held me in his lap.

“Tyler, what happened?” he whispered, stroking my hair.

I told him the story and cried before eventually calming down.

“This all my fault,” he spoke harshly.

I looked up at him, placing my hands on his face.

“No it’s not, Ash. Don’t even think that. It’s his fault.”

I then leaned up and put my lips on his soft ones. He immediately kissed back, placing his hands on my hips.

We both pulled away, and I stared into his gorgeous eyes.

“Tyler, don’t you ever think you’re a mistake, because you’re not.”

Yet, why couldn’t I believe him?

anon pov

Days dragged by for Tyler Crow. After seeing George Crow, nothing could make her feel better. Not even Asher Smith. She turned into the girl she once was before. The girl who couldn’t call her home, home. The girl whose father’s love was shown in the amount of bruises covering her body.

She was the girl who tried so hard to be loud, yet all that was heard as silence.

The girl whose bright gray eyes lacked the color.

The girl whose smile that was always on her face, was actually torn.

The girl who everyone thinks they know, when she tries so desperately hard to be understood.

Breaking, broke, and forever broken. Screaming, ‘I’m sorry!’ Screaming to those voices in her head. Always just looking for someone. Anyone. Looking to be understood. She can’t be.

A week since that day, and Tyler has yet to speak to anyone about how she is. What is going through her head.

She thought she’d never turn into the person she had been before. But one little conversation had to do it for her.

She watched the raindrops fall slowly from the sky outside her window. They eventually turned into drops falling down her face.

Asher walked into her room after being dropped off by his mother. He needed to help Tyler Crow. He loved her so much, and he knew she was aching.


She turned around from her seat and looked to Asher. She didn’t know what she did to deserve him. He was perfect, standing there in his usual beanie and hoodie, but missing his sunglasses.

His face looked tired. She knew he hadn’t been sleeping well all because of her. She felt selfish.

“Asher,” she said, standing up and walking over to him.

“You haven’t been returning my calls,” he frowned.

“I’ve been busy,” she quickly lied.

“Tyler, I know you haven’t been busy. Look, I know you’re still upset with what happened with your dad, but you need to talk to me!” he shouted, his voice raising from internal grief.

“I don’t need to do anything,” she dismissed, pushing him.

“Look I know you-,” Asher started.

“You don’t even know me!” she yelled, getting upset.

“How can I?! You’re too scared to let anyone in, Tyler!”

Her face red from anger, eventually turned red from sadness and endless pain. She crashed into his arms sobbing violently.

Tyler Crow’s walls were about to come down. And maybe Asher Smith’s will too.

AN: Hey guys! Yes, I know, late update. I was stuck after Tyler's part. I've been wanting to show Tyler like that, but Asher is blind so it makes it difficult to be descriptive. So I settled for an anon pov. Those will be occurring now more because I like writing like that(: Anyway, feedback? Sorry for depressing chapter!

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