Chapter 4: Jane George

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Sooooooo I know this is really short, BUT it's a chapter isn't it? I am profusely sorry fro the hold up. I recently had graduation and lots of wonderful things to do that took up all my time for writing. So, I am askign for 15 votes for this chapter since i'm getting such a good response so far. I love you all and this story would have never happen if it wasnt for you readers :)

As Calla Green stares blankly at the fresh corpse upon the autopsy table, Dr.  White clears his throat. With his glasses perched on his nose, he strides closer to the autopsy table.

“Well team, let’s get to work. This case isn’t going to solve itself.”

Lab techs scurry to their designated jobs. One small girl, whom Calla assumed to be around her age, began carefully swabbing the victim’s hands and fingers. Calla grabs a pair of gloves and a cotton swab and begins to assist her.

The girl smiles at Calla. “So you’re the new intern?” she asks.

Calla nods not making eye contact. “Yes.”

“Well,” the girl says. “You’ve got your work cut out for you. First day and we’ve already got a brutal case. Nothing that you can’t handle though,” she adds. “You seem to know your way around the lab.”

“I’ve been told that a lot lately,” Calla jokes.

She then focuses entirely on the body spread out before her. Female, obviously, late teens early twenties. Brown hair, green eyes. Petite build. Looking at her muscled calves and calloused feet, Calla would assume she is, or was rather, a dancer of some sort.

Again, like Lucinda, this victim had blunt force trauma to the head and the signature Red Duct Tape over her mouth. There was no doubt about it that this was the works of a serial killer.

Calla takes the victims hand and examines her fingernails. She could have grazed the killer and acquired DNA.

“Good thinking Ms. Green,” Dr. White speaks from behind her. “Did we check for DNA under the other victim’s fingernails as well?”

Calla nods her head. “We did and the results came up with nothing. But, this victim might have gotten him. Though, I would rule it out. It appears that both victims were hit from the back to the side of the head.” Calla gestures to the girl’s skull. “Suggesting that they never saw their assailant.”

Dr. White nods his head in approval.

A ding from the elevator interrupts the work throughout the lab. Everyone turns their head to the tall lanky blonde stepping into the gated area. Her pencil skirt was just a bit too tight and her hair was too straight for Calla’s liking. She wore the same angry expression she had when Calla saw her on the elevator earlier.

“Jane,” Dr. White greeted her with a plastered smile.

She barred her overly white teeth at him. “White.” She looks around the lab. “Squints.”

Carter nudges Calla and whispers to her. “That’s Jane George. She’s the prosecutor assigned to most of our cases. She’s a downright bitch. Don’t let her get to you.”

Calla smiles at his nonchalant rundown of her.

“So,” she begins. “It’s way past your bedtimes, isn’t it? Won’t your mothers be worried if you’re not home?”

Dr. White coughs, “What do you need Jane?”

She rolls her eyes and smiles. “I need your progress on this case. I have a fun filled weekend planned and I don’t plan on canceling it just because of some case.”