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JANUARY 01, 2018

[The two MCs make their way to the MC corner]

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[The two MCs make their way to the MC corner]

Chen: Everybody make some noise!!!


Aeon: Welcome everybody to tonight's MonsterVerse show! Tonight we're going to have a lot of fun watching performances from MNYU, Glass Squad and many more! MonsterVerse has a lot to offer tonight so stay with us till the end~

Chen: Yes welcome everyone, tonight I'll also be surprising a lot of you; along with a group that's making their debut on the show! Isn't that amazing? They're going to perform three of their songs from their debut album, tonight is jam packed with some fun!

Aeon: We also hope you enjoyed earlier's V LIVE broadcast, we're also hoping to come back again to MonsterVerse as your hosts in the future!  But tonight we will start MonsterVerse with our opening act MNYU from Stray Media Entertainment!

Chen: [Turns to Aeon and starts singing to MNYU's Witch] With a face of an angel, you shake me up every time~





Chen: You're seeing a new fantasy to stop your time and space~ I'd like to welcome everyone once again to MonsterVerse, that was our opening act that truly opened my eyes and ears! Give it up for MNYU!

[The crowd starts to applaud MNYU]

Aeon: Oppa you looked like a huge fanboy~ You were dancing and singing to them!

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