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A/N: Ok i just want you to see this picture

Preatty cool,ehhhhh?😌ALSO!!! I WILL BE UPLOADING HOW CLARY AND JACE MET!!!!It's in my one shots book 'the pointless adventures of Jace and Simon' Kay bye!

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Preatty cool,ehhhhh?😌
ALSO!!! I WILL BE UPLOADING HOW CLARY AND JACE MET!!!!It's in my one shots book 'the pointless adventures of Jace and Simon' Kay bye!


     "Yes?" I ask as i turn around. Jonathan runs a little and catches up with me. He gets close to me and i step back. He grins.
      "You've herd the rumors.....haven't you?" Jonathan asks. I gulp.
        "You kinda have to be specific....which one exactly" I feel my palms start to sweat.
        "That i want a girl" He says getting closer to me. I keep stepping back. "Here is some info for you chic turned nerd" He says. "It's true, and i want you." He says. I keep walking backwards and my back presses against a wall. "And i take what's mine"He grabs my face and forces his lips to mine.My stomach churns in fear and an unfamiliar feeling of sick. My mind was reciting one word.
     I despreatley triedto get him off. His tounge slipped into my moutb and started stabbing my mouth. He tasted wrong, dark and sick. He had a taste of tang. He was probably smoking. His cold sick hands travel to my hips. his other hand starts touching my lower region. I start to hit him and push him off whimpering for him to stop. "PLEASE STOP" I try to yell as he pulls away for air. But it comes out as a weak whimper. Jonathan quickly shuts me up by kissing me.


      I was late. Clary and I were supposed to meet up to go to Java Jones, i was supposed to meet her at the library half an hour ago but the stupid teacher wouldn't shut up of how impressed she was with me. I know i'm amazing but i don't need you to waste my time with my girlfriend to tell me that. My girlfriend, My Clary, Clarissa is my girlfriend....mine! i still can't belive it. I turned the corner and my heart dropped. My Clary was kissing Jonathan De vil, no, not kissing, making out. I was so lost in thought."Please stop" A tiny whimper snapped me out of it. I focused more on the scenerio in front of me. On Clary. Clary. Her hands were flailing trying to push him away. Her cheeks streaked with tears her eyes shut tight in trying to become stronger to push him off. Rage overcame me. I stomped over to them and grabbed Jonathan by the T-shirt and threw him off Clary.  Jonathan hit the lockers hard knocking the breath out of him. Clary was whimpering. I turn to her. "Jace i....." She was cut off by Jonathan flinging me into the lockers. He  started throwing punches. I threw him off and punched him back. we were both throwing punches. Clary had begged us to stop and trying to pull us away from each other but she couldn't.

    I was filled with desperation. I wanted them to stop....or at least for Jace to atop getting hurt. I tried to pull them off each other but it was just a waste of time. I watched helplessly as the love of my life was getting beat up by Jonathan. Even though Jace was probably winning by a few punches. I stood up and ran to someone i knew could help.

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