Chapter Two

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Barry's POV

I had called everyone in since killer frost had taken back over from Caitlin, but nobody was here yet. I found myself drifting toward the pipeline, and decided to try and talk to her. I walked up when she said, "Well hey there handsome," and winked at me.

"Cait-" I started but she cut me short off.

"Oh that nickname drives old Caity crazy. She just can't seem to help it when it comes to you, can she?" Killer frost said and laughed at the end.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"Are you stupid or something? Caitlin LOVES you," she said emphasizing the word loves.

"No, Cait and I are just friends," I said even more confused now.

"Oh please. Are really that dumb? Do you not remember when you two kissed?" She said smiling.

"That was you, not her," I said shaking my head.

"Not only that, but a few years ago, she was working on some serum, and well, you kissed her," she said smiling and laughing.

"Your lying, I never kissed her," I said approaching the glass in the cell.

"Oh that's right, it was that meta human. What was his name, Hannibal Bates," she said and smiled at my knowing look. Hannibal Bates was one of the first metas we locked up. He could change forms into any person he touched, and he had turned into me for a while. He went to the lab with Caitlin when she was making a serum to stop him. He must have kissed her.

"Why didn't you ever tell me Caitlin?" I asked now fully intrigued and right up against the glass.

"Oh, I definitely would have told you, but Caity was too afraid of what you would say. But now that you know, why don't you let me out of her so we can talk about it?" She said, her face right on the other side of the glass.

"I want to talk to Caitlin," I said forcefully.

"And I want a damn private jet but we don't always get what we want do we?" She asked with a fake pout. I was so done with her bullshit that I opened the cell door just to try and get Caitlin back.

"Aw, thanks handsome, I knew I could count on you," She said patting my cheek and beginning to walk away.

"Hey!" I said and as she turned around I did the only thing I could think of to bring Caitlin back, I kissed her. I immediately felt the cold rushing through me, but eventually it faded away and I saw Caitlin's brown eyes staring at me, just before she passed out.

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