Chapter Four

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Caitlin's POV

"So are you going to tell me what happened or not?" Cisco asked as we sat down for coffee.

"I know I told you guys that I had control over my powers, but I don't. A lot of stuff happened while Barry was in the speedforce, and I normally have control, but I just lost it today, ok?" I said while looking down at my coffee.

"Ok that's good to know, but I meant with Barry. I walked in on some serious tension back there and I want to know why," Cisco said pulling my coffee away so I'd look at him.

"I don't know what you mean," I said looking around. Cisco then grabbed my hand so I would look at him and softly said, " I've noticed that you guys aren't talking the way you used to. Even before the speedforce, you guys have just talked less. You're only together when other people are there, and I think I know why." My heart dropped when I heard that. Today has been such a taxing day for me and I honestly couldn't handle it if Cisco found out about my feelings for Barry.

"Cisco, today has been a lot for me, and whatever you think you know, I'd really appreciate it if you kept it to yourself, at least until tomorrow," I said getting up to pay the bill for us.

"Ok, but tomorrow we are having a serious therapy session," he said smirking, and I giggled a little. I hugged him, payed the bill and started to walk to my car. Was I really falling for Barry all over again? That wasn't fair to him or Iris, so I better not be. Iris. She wants to be this big great leader, but she doesn't know Barry like I do. She knows him as her geeky friend who's loved her forever, and she thinks she knows what's best for him, when she doesn't. She has no idea how to help him, because she is just a reporter who decided she knew what's best and that she should boss us around. But she makes him happy, and I have to keep reminding myself that's what I want.

Barry to be happy.

I reach my car and go to unlock it when I am hit from behind and feel myself being pulled into darkness as I fall into somebody's arms, wishing they were Barry's.

Ok hi!!! I've seen more people become invested in this book so I'm going to try and post more! I want you guys to know I won't be following the plot of the show very closely because I want Barry and Caitlin to go through what I think they need to, which won't always line up with the show. This is taking place beginning of season 4, and the thinker isn't going to be the big bad, so get excited for THAT!  Really short chapter but they will be longer in future!

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