Chapter Five

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Caitlin's POV

I woke up in an abandoned warehouse with my hands handcuffed behind me in meta-cuffs. I looked around and unfortunately found no way out of my current predicament, and I had no way of getting my killer frost side to come out with the cuffs.

"Come on Caitlin, you're a doctor and a scientist, you can figure this out," I whispered to myself. I then realized I had a paper clip in my back pocket from a file I had been working on at the lab before I started to lose control. I scooted back into the chair to try and reach my back pocket, and was surprisingly successful. Before I could really start to try and pick the cuffs that Cisco and I designed, I felt a gust of air and the paper clip was gone from my hands.

"Really Cait? After everything you still want to escape me? Can't you understand how special you are to me?" A voice said from the shadows.

"Who are you?" I asked terrified, but mildly intrigued about who felt the need to kidnap me for us to spend time together.

"It me, Jay," he said and stepped out. A man who has haunted me for a little over a year stepped out into the light. A man who should be dead. A man who lied to me for months, and made me fall in love with him. A man who has already kidnapped me once so that we could be together. A man who helped me care about love for the first time since Ronnie, only to have it all come crumbling down. Hunter Zoloman.

"H-hunter," I stuttered out too afraid to do anything but say his name, or his real name.

"Oh Cait, please you can call me by the name you feel in love with," he said with a toothy, but absent smile.

"Do not call me that. And how are you even alive? The time wraith took you," I said getting more confused.

"I escaped a certain "time hell" to come back and to be with you. I've actually been watching you for weeks, but when Barry kissed you, I knew my time lurking in the shadows had come to a close," he said getting a look of murder in his eyes when talking about Barry. Before I could ask anymore questions I heard a click from above me, and a flashing light turn on from a security camera above. They realized I was missing.

"Cisco! Barry! I'm cuffed I can't freeze him, HELP!!" I screamed at the camera. Hunter, or Jay, or whatever sped over and covered my mouth while looking up at the camera.

"She's mine now. You never appreciated her and certainly never deserved her. Catch us if you can, Flash."

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