Chapter Four

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"Though suspects are still to be chosen for the 'Alabama Tragedy', officials are trying their best to serve justice for the victims. The confirmed murders of Jay Merrick and Alex Kralie are still being heavily investigated. Merrick had been shot in the side, while Kralie had been stabbed in the neck repeatedly. However, Brian Thomas and Tim Wright remain missing. Though Thomas has been missing for years, Wright has recently been reported as going missing."

*On the TV screen*

*On the TV screen*

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"If anyone has seen any of the two, please contact your local police department immediately

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"If anyone has seen any of the two, please contact your local police department immediately."

The young teen stared at the television screen with his dark, childlike eyes widened.

"T-this happened all the way in A-Alabama, and they're showing it on here?...They must b-be showing this in o-other states too, not j-just here in Colorado..." The preteen quietly mumbled to himself.

He furrowed his eyebrows and slightly clung onto the blanket he had wrapped around him. He was seated on the living room floor in front of his families TV, the blanket over his messy mound of thick dark brown hair.

Unlike most kids his age, he had always found the news interesting, but this case had just disturbed him. Oddly enough, he was instantly intrigued as well. Something about the mystery of the case gave him chills, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He couldn't figure out what it was, but there was something that felt off to him. In fact, it was something that the news reported didn't even mention, but he sure did feel it. Something was tugging at him, almost telling him that this was no normal crime scene. His twelve year old mind raced with questions, so many that he couldn't even remember all of them. But there was nothing to answer his questions, for the news topic had changed to a totally new subject.

He sighed a little and felt a slight pout form on his childlike face, for he wished they would talk about the murders a little more.

"Well, I-I guess they'll talk about it another time?..." He mumbled to himself as he reached back for the converter that was resting on the night table behind him. He grabbed it, pointing it at the screen as he placed his thumb on the power button.

"Toby? Toby...What are you doing up this late? You know it's a weeknight..."

The boys eyes widened, whipping his head around instantly, seeing his mother at the entrance of the room with her arms loosely folded. She gave him a tired look as if she had just gotten out of bed, tilting her ever so slightly.

"Didn't I tell you to go to bed an hour ago?..." She questioned quietly.

Toby smiled nervously, pressing the power button to turn off the TV, it going black as the room filled with darkness.

"Y-yeah I know, I j-just thought it would be ok if I-I stayed up a little longer..."

His mother, Connie, let out a sigh and smiled softly.

"Well, maybe not on a week night..."

Toby's eyes adjusted to the dark, now being able to see his mother motioning him over. He walked over to her quietly, making sure to not wake up his father or older sister, keeping his fluffy blanket blanket wrapped around him. Once  he was beside his mother she patted his back and headed towards the staircase, him following beside her. They were up about a stair or two before his mother quietly asked out of curiosity.

"So, what were you watching on the news? It must've been interesting for you to be up this late."

Toby almost stopped in his tracks when his mother asked that once her question processed in his head. He didn't know why he was so hesitant to answer her question at the time. Possibly the horrific murders were what made him not what to tell her? However, what he didn't know was that it was much more than just that...

"Ummm j-just some murder c-case..."

Connie almost tripped over the step she was about to walk onto, looking down at her son with a shocked expression. She didn't think her son would watch a case about something so dark, for he was only twelve at the time. At times she was overprotective of him, sometimes a little too overprotective.

"Toby...were you actually watching something about that?"

He nodded hesitantly.

"Toby-- No no you don't want to watch stuff about that, doesn't that scare you? You're too young to be interested in things like that. Wouldn't you rather watch something happy? Like a cartoon or show that other kids your age enjoy?..."

Toby sighed a little and shrugged, looking down afterwards, going quiet.

Connie sighed, now feeling like she was being a little too much. She leaned to give her son a quick kiss on the top of his head, patting his back afterwards.

"I'm sorry...It's late now, let's get you up to bed sweetie..."

Toby yawned and nodded a little, then heading up the rest of the stairs.

Connie tried her best to shelter her son from the big scary world, and wanted him to always see the bright side of things. However, she couldn't keep him from a dark and evil reality that would come his way five years later...

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