Chapter Two

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Everything was gone. All the years of suffering and loneliness, gone. All the memories were chained up and locked away.

"You will fight against the others at sundown of the choosing day, there will be no exceptions. As I said previously, the last two alive will obtain the spots. Have I made myself clear?..."

The man trembled as he bowed his head and he stayed on his knees, staring at the floor with an emotionless expression.

"Yes...Yes sir, you have..." He said in a cold monotone voice.

"Good. Now, you'll be given a new identity. However, depending on what happens will determine if you live as it or not, or if you stay alive in general."

   He let a sigh pass his cold lips, reluctantly moving his head up to look up at the towering creature with that same emotionless expression. The towering creature stared down at the man, conjuring an object in his hand.

   The kneeling man heard the sound of something light falling on the floor in  of him, looking down at the object, his eyes widening.

"Your new identity is Masky, and you are to wear that mask. Do you understand?"

Tim had just stared down at the white and black mask in scere terror. He didn't know how to react to it, he didn't know why the mask gave him an unsettling feeling of uneasiness. However, the one thing he knew was that he had seen it before.

He finally looked up at the towering faceless creature, his deep brown eyes widened in terror and confusing.

"But sir--" Tim managed to say before the slender man cut him off.

"Enough." It said in a firm voice. "You will do as I say, Timothy. Or Masky I should say. Masky, you will wear the mask and except this new, possibly permanent, lifestyle. Do you understand?"

The sideburned man looked down in defeat, staring at the emotionless mask. He took a deep breath, feeling his hands tremble as he picked up the mask, hesitantly standing to his feet. He looked up at the creature, letting out a shaky sigh as he brought the mask to his face. He pulled the black elastic string back, putting it on the back of his head as he let the mask rest on his face.

"...Yes sir." He replied and at that moment, feeling as if all of his freedom was lost.

"Good, now I shall expect to see you next week. You have a week to train, and to meet the others. Now, you know where to go."

Tim nodded obediently, turning around to face the huge, antique grey double door. He put his hand on the silver knob, twisting it before pushing the creaky door open. He stepped out, letting the heavy door close behind him, not bothering to look back. Though he choose to not look over his shoulder, he felt the faceless creature staring at him.

He looked ahead of him and froze in shock, not having knowledge of his outside surroundings. There was a long and wider stone pathway, a enormous, dark forest at the end of it. However, the sight that disturbed him the most, was the dead bodies hanging from the branches of each sharp tree on the side of the path.

He gulped, feeling his blood turn cold from the sight. The faceless creature demanded that he went in the dark forest. He knew that he didn't want to stay anywhere near the haunted looking mansion he was in, taking a hesitant step onto the path, followed by other steps afterwards.

Tim perked up as he heard a twig snapping in the distance, turning in that direction and scanned the trees. Now in the dark forest, he didn't know what to expect, what creatures or people lurked around the trees. He gulped nervously, looking forward again and continued walking, dismissing the sound he heard as a result of his schizophrenia.

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