Chapter 48

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Ali's POV

Levi made some type of baby noise as a response and I turned back to find Jace was smiling but with excitement for our baby girl to be coming. Sara was already talking to me about how her and Jonah would take Levi and watch him for us as I'd be too busy giving birth and all that Jazz.

20, hard, paining minutes later Jace had us at the hospital with me squeezing his hand as the contractions seemed to be more painful this time. Sweat glistened my forehead and I knew that Blair would be a quick labor. I could just feel it.

They had me in a wheel chair, taking me up to my room and when I got there, Dr.White was there ready to greet me.

"Ahh Ms.Grey nice to see you again, I see it's time for baby #2." He smiled cheekily.

The nurse and Jace helped me up, and I responded with a small chuckle and quiet "Yes", after Words changing into the gown hospital visitors must wear.

I later, lay down on the hospital bed as Dr.White smears some of the cold gel onto my pregnant stomach and uses the machine to check up on our baby girl.

"Your baby girl in there seems to be really anxious to get out." Dr.White chuckles.

"Yes, very. She's kicking like crazy." I laugh.

Jace has his fingers twisted with my own, and I feel the soft rub of his thumb against my skin, making my heart calm, and my thoughts collected.
I'm not as nervous, nor freaking out as much when I was having Levi, as I know what to expect. And I think both Dr.White and Jace know that.

4 hours later

June 24th

"Sweetheart, I see her. I see our Blair." Jace's eyes are twinkling with tears.
I squeeze his hand tightly as I shut my eyes tightly and push one last time,

"Ahhh!!" I groan as the pain hits me faster and painful.

Dr.White takes my baby and wraps a small blanket around its bloody body as my ears hear the screaming of our new born.

Sweat drips from my forehead, the pain in between my legs make me ache. This was a shorter labor, but a lot more painful one.
My contractions were more painful and I could barely control my breathing. It was as if at first Blair was all confident and ready to be born, and then all of a sudden she got cold feet and wasn't ready.

I had to push extra hard.

Which hurt like a bitch.

"Both our babies are here with us sweetheart, we did it." He whispered in my ear, giving me a long sweet kiss on the forehead, I closed my eyes and relished in this moment trying to regain my breathe and calm my self down.

"Yes...we did Jace. We did it. I got through it." I smiled lazily as a wave of exhaustion came over me. It was a long 4-5 hours.

"I love you so much Allison. These babies are going to be so lucky to have us as parents. But more lucky to have you as their mom."

"I love you to Jace, very very much." I faintly saw his smile before I felt his lips pressed on mine.

He kissed me sweetly like always and the fire never once burned out. He always knew how to make me feel alive with lust.

He pulled back and when he did
My senses alerted at the overwhelming smell of blood.

I was really, really tired, and didn't give much thought to the strong smell of blood, and it didn't seem as Jace noticed it, as he was too busy staring at me. He was in a daze. Why wouldn't he be? I just gave birth to our extra child and we were engaged. It was a dream I couldn't believe I was actually living.
But I was. And that is really and truly amazing.

My eyes felt heavy and all I wanted to do was shut them and sleep, I got my breathing under control it was just this over whelming feeling of exhaustion trying to lure me in.

My hands were holding his arms and his hands were cupping my face.

"Hey Jace?" I asked, my vision becoming a little blurry.

Now a little worried as to why this was happening.

"Yeah sweetheart?"

"I'm a little..." Spots entered my vision and I could feel my self going week. As a result my arms dropped from his arms.

"A little what babe, are you okay?" Worry was laced in his voice, and I couldn't stop my eyes from fluttering shut. I felt his hands move to my arms and his skin rubbed circles on my arms.

"Tired...a little..." and then the next thing I know is my body goes limp, and I'm in a state of pure darkness.


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