Chapter 6 : I'll Be Your Rock

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 6th chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I wanted to apologize for the slow updates but school isn't being very lenient on homework. I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing it. Now without further ado let's get into this, shall we?*

-warning mentions of self-harm and bulimia-

All the nations slowly shuffled out of the room and into the dining room. Some still thinking about what they had read while others couldn't wait to eat food made by America and England. They let them have free reign on what they could make so they could prepare whatever they felt comfortable with. Soon a mouth watering smell entered the room causing all heads to turn towards the door.

England and America both stepped through and pulled along a cart with the delicious smelling food. There was pot roast, handmade beans, potato salad, fish and chips,  crumpets, Yorkshire gingerbread, and apple pie. The smell from the food alone was enough alone to tell the nations who had never tasted their food they were in for a treat.

(Italy's POV)

We all ate until we were stuffed to the max. "England, America! I never knew you could make stuff this good!" I said as everyone agreed. "Well thank you guys, we're glad you enjoyed," America said. "It was no problem at all." England said. I scanned everyone's plate to see if they had left anything and was shocked when I saw America with a barely touched plate of food in front of him.

I frowned at that. It couldn't be... could it? Maybe I'm just overthinking things. Yeah that's it... "Well I'm ready to hit the hay! I'll see you all in the morning!" America said before running off to his room. "I'm with America. I'll see you all in the morning!" I called out before disappearing down the hall.

I walked in the hall, and stood their for a few minutes, just thinking. He wouldn't do that, right? He always talks about being a hero. One look wouldn't hurt anyone... Finally deciding to prove America was fine I slowly walked to his door. Barely pushing the door open. No one was in the main room, but to the left I saw a door with light shining in it. "America?..."

(South Italy/Romano's POV)

Eventually, after My brother and the burger guy left we stayed afterwards and talked for a bit. We didn't talk about anything related to our country, we just talked like normal people, it was nice. Eventually Germany decided it would be best for us all to go to bed so we were rested and could pay attention to the reader.

I slowly entered my room with a half asleep Spain following the effects of being exhausted hitting us full force. "Buona notte Tomato Jerk, buona notte Italy." I mumbled hearing Spain reply with a 'Buenas Noches.' before passing out. Little did I know there was no Veneziano to return our goodnights. The room had been empty.

(Canada's POV)

I walked into mine and America's shared room a good hour after he left. After slowly placing Kuma onto my bed I changed into some maple leaf pj's and got settled into my bed. I took off my glasses and looked to my brothers bed. "Sleep tight brother." I whispered before dozing off.

(America's POV)

A few minutes after I left the dining room I made it into my room, before slipping into the bathroom. I just stood at myself staring. Why do I have to be this way? Why do I have to be so fat? So ugly? Such a disappointment? I poked my sides at the thought before sighing. I felt a light patter and saw a water droplet landed on the counter. I looked up and saw streams of water flowing from my eyes.

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