Love, Life and Secret Agents

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TITLE: Love, Life and Secret Agents

AUTHOR: Vaichi10

GENRE: Teen Fiction/Romance

STATUS: On going

SUMMARY: Lexie Hillshire has been living an average teenage life, complete with an amazing best friend and a major crush on a perfect guy. That is ... until her twin Eva drops in for a visit. Eva is flamboyant, charming, daring and most importantly, a highly trained assassin that can kill in the blink of an eye. Now, doesn't everyone love a girl that can spy hard and party harder? Well ... except for Lexie's best friend James. James is the definition of the knight in shining armour every girl dreams about, yet Eva manages to bring out his dark side that might just be a little too dark to be ignored. Read on as one bullet turns everyone's life upside down, thrusting Lexie into a world of deceit, danger and death and putting her life in the hands of her sinfully sexy crush, who might have more than a few skeletons hidden in his closet. Literally.


REVIEW: This is story has is actually written with two POVs, obviously from the twins. It's packed with some action, family drama, romance and anything else in between. It's beatifully written with a good flow and pefect grammar. I was really entertained with this book and you'll probably see my comments on the chapters. So if you're looking an action packed romance with lots and lots of twist and a hint of mystery, then this is the perfect book for you! I personally think that it deserves more reads and votes. So, yeah check it out! You won't regret it. :D


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