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Lisa's POV

Oh shit! Where's my phone?

I slapped my forehead then scratched my head, white flakes falling on my black business suit like snow.

Shit, this dandruff is getting worse. Could be because I'm always putting my hair up in a bun, as that's what my boyfriend has always wanted. Or because of that new shampoo that I tried lately. Whatever reason... I didn't care at the moment. I just needed to find my phone.

I was like a wild animal throwing away the pillows, clothes, magazines and other things while looking for my phone inside my fifty-square-meter apartment.

Where the hell did I put it? When I arrived home, I only went to the bathroom, then afterwards, I removed my jacket and lay down on bed.

Oh God... I think I left it in the office! I checked the time on my watch. It's six in the evening already. Darn it. I had to get my phone now. Jason would be calling me tonight at around eight.

My boyfriend, the gorgeously handsome Jason Brent—a newbie field reporter of ABZ Television Network—was now in Florida to cover a case of a missing child. Jason was very passionate about his job and everything he does in life, that's why I always supported him. I knew he's doing it for our future.

I met Jason two years ago. I was twenty-one at that time and had just graduated from a secretarial course. A common friend introduced us in a birthday party. I was immediately captivated by his strikingly attractive manly physique. His hair was straight and ash blond, same as the young Brad Pitt. His dreamy seductive eyes were like that of Ryan Gosling's, and that panty-snapping sensual smile just like Zac Efron's. We dated for a while, until we became official.

Actually, I was excited. Jason mentioned that he has something to tell me when he gets back. Maybe... he's planning to propose. Oh my goodness. The thought made me smile. I could feel my heart dancing with happiness already.

I ran out of the house to go back to the office, hating myself for being so stupid. How could I have left my phone behind? It's my life, like an extension of my hand.

I was standing on the pavement, waiting for a cab when suddenly...

Oh shit! It's raining! Dammit.

I looked at my business suit, and it's getting soaked. Why the hell is there no cab right now? Where are they when I need them? After five minutes, a cab stopped and I got inside in a hurry.

"Miss, just stay on one side. You're soaking my new leather seat cover." The cab driver glared at me via the rearview mirror. His tone held some regret as to why he bothered stopping the car for me.

"Yes, sir." I just sat still on the corner of the cab like a wet rabbit.

Finally, the cab stopped outside the Russo Tower and I ran towards the building entrance.

I had been working for two years already at Russo Holdings Company as the personal secretary of the CEO and owner, Alessandro Russo. There's a lot of pressure in my work since my boss is very demanding, very strict, with high expectations and hot-tempered. One should never go against him. But the salary was so good, way higher than the standard payment rate in New York...

"You're back, Miss Brooks. Did you forget your umbrella?"

"Ha ha, that's funny, Dan. I left my phone on my desk." I smiled at the head security guard and walked towards the elevator.

The lights were on. Hmm... the boss is still here?

I walked to my table and felt glad when I saw my phone lying on top of an orange folder. Thanks, God.

I was about to leave when something caught my eye.

What is this?

I looked at the flimsy red cloth dangling on my pencil. I held it, lifting it up at eye level. Like a T-string... OH MY GOD! It's really a thong!

I dropped the underwear on the floor, cringing for holding someone else's underwear. I opened my drawer and got a bottle of alcohol, washing my hands.

Whose panties was that? Who the hell put it on my table? That was not funny at all. I would report this tomorrow to the Human Resource Department. Whoever did this should be reprimanded. Mr. Russo would be very upset if he were to find out about this.

I closed the drawer just as I heard someone moaning like a wounded animal. I stopped and listened to the sound. Was it coming from Mr. Russo's office?

I moved closer to the door of Mr. Russo's office, putting my ear against the door, when it suddenly snapped open.


Shit! I was on the floor in an instant, staring at Mr. Russo's naked, sweaty back. My jaw dropped. What a sexy butt... My gaze froze on his long lean form. He looked very powerful and muscular, like an animal, roughly and wildly pushing his manhood in and out of the...

I blinked my eyes several times. I should go. For heaven's sake. He's having sex on his table and I was watching them like a live porn show.

Then, I heard the woman shouting, "Fuck me harder, naughty boy... I'm coming..."

Wait. That accent is familiar. Is that Mrs. Hore?

Oh-oh... Someone's going to be in trouble.

They're so busy having sex that they hadn't notice me yet. I closed the door slowly and let out a sigh of relief.

I grabbed my phone and ran out of the office. 

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