still mad? • brandon ingram

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onto the imagine:

Cydni sat her bags in front of the house and took a deep breath, it had been a long time since she's seen Brandon; she wanted things to be perfect

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Cydni sat her bags in front of the house and took a deep breath, it had been a long time since she's seen Brandon; she wanted things to be perfect.

With the vogue magazine she was on on her left hand, and her keys in her other hand she was ready to surprise her boyfriend.

Cydni unlocked the door and saw a pair of red Louis Vuitton's by the door. "Hell nah, I know he's playing with me."

"The house smells like cheap perfume, the kind cheap hoes wear." Cydni whispered, walking up the stairs.

"Brandon, you're so funny!" A voice said, giggling.

Cydni kicked the door open and saw her boyfriend with a red-haired-girl, on their bed.

Cydni glanced at the girl with the red hair, she recognized her face.

"Amaya..." Cydni whispered.

"Hey baby." Brandon said excitedly.

"Don't 'Hey Baby,' me Xavier." She said pushing Brandon away as he tried to hug her.

Brandon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as Cydni escorted Amaya out.

"What the hell Cyd?" Brandon said running down the stairs.

"What do you mean what the hell? You're cheating on me!"

Brandon threw his head back in annoyance, "We were just talking!"

Cydni tried walked past Brandon only to be pulled back by him.


Cydni walked past him and up the stairs to their room. Moving towards her walk-in closet, Cydni grabbed her suitcase.

"Baby, listen." Cydni ignored Brandon's pleas and grabbed her things.

"We were talking about you! She was helping me find a gift for you!" Brandon yelled.

Cydni's heart broke, she was getting all angry and accusing Brandon of many things but in reality he was just trying to surprise her.

Cydni walked over to Brandon's lap and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sorry baby..."

Brandon kissed her on the lips, turning it into a huge make out session.

"You ready?" Brandon whispered, opening Cydni's thighs so he could settle between them.

She squirmed under him in want and nodded fast, Cydni's hands going to his shoulders so she could brace herself.

He smirked and kissed her deeply, licking over her tongue as he slid into Cydni slowly.

She gasped when he was halfway in and dug her nails in his shoulders involuntarily. Brandon hissed against her lips in pleasure and thrusted the rest of his way in, making Cydni moan his name loudly.

"Ohhh shit." He moaned with his eyes closed.

Cydni whimpered when she adjusted and started moving her hips up so he would get the idea.

Brandon nodded and thrusted in and out of her a few times.

Her eyes rolled back in pleasure, but she needed him to speed up. Cydni trailed her hands to his ass and moved his hips down a little faster. A/N this part makes me laugh because she grabbed this niggas ass—

Brandon smirked and kissed her neck, "You want me to go faster? Beg." He said dead serious against her neck.

Cydni whimpered and moved her hips up, only to have them pinned down by Brandon.

"Brandon, baby, your cock feels so good. Give it to me, make me cum all over it."

She whispered and moved her hands to his hair giving it an encouraging tug. He moaned and started pounding into Cydni fast, moans and whimpers of his name escaping her lips.

This seemed to encourage him, his nails digging into Cydni's hips.

He pressed down on her clit which made a wave of pleasure course through her. Brandon noticed and chuckled lowly, picking up Cydni's leg and putting it over his shoulder as he fucked her.

The new posting made his go even deeper, which made both of them a mess of moans and whimpers.

"I'm gonna cum." Brandon whispered against her skin as he sped up his hand and thrusts. (This nigga nuts fast bajahahah)

Cydni could see stars as he moved in and out of her with ease. All it too was one special sharp thrust to the both of you over, yelling out each other's names and collapsing.

"Fuck." Cydni breathed out and looked over at Brandon who was panting heavily, shaking a little.

He smirked over at you, nodding. It seemed he couldn't form words.

"Still mad?"

Cydni giggled and kissed him deeply, her head resting on his chest before she fell into a well deserved sleep.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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