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The Raptors had just been eliminated from the playoffs, it was devastating because for the third year in a row it was to the Cavaliers.

The Canadian team has an amazing season. They were first in their conference and everyone had high hopes for Toronto.

All the guys on the team felt bad, especially DeMar. He was supposed to be their secret weapon, their MVP. But he played horribly.

"DeMar, baby are you in here?"

Every since we came home from Cleveland DeMar has been locked in his room.

"Go away.."

I frowned, and sat on the floor outside the bedroom. DeMar was gone for half of the year and I wasn't there for him, so in moments like these I'm clueless.

"DeMar.. what do you usually do when, you know I'm not there.."

This set DeMar off.

"What is that supposed to mean?" He said, swinging the door open.

"What are—"

"Admit it, you hate my career, you hate having to share me with other girls." He spits.

"DeMar , I don't hate your career, I'm proud of you, but yeah, it is hard sometimes." You admit.

"You don't trust me!" He shouts.

"I never said that!" You unconsciously match his volume.

He stands up and starts pacing the room. He runs his fingers through his hair like he always does when he's angry, irritated, or stressed out.

You're willing to bet right now its all three. You've already been arguing for nearly an hour and it has gotten nowhere.

With DeMar's hectic work schedule, and finals quickly approaching for you at school, you're both as stressed out as you could possibly be. And although you normally find each other's company stress relieving, this past week has been exactly the opposite.

You're completely drained because of projects, papers, and exams, and seeing DeMar only ends up draining you more because you end up in an argument much like this one almost every single time.

Finally, DeMar says, "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing DeMar." You reply, not knowing what else to say, not knowing how to really answer that question.

"You want something, everyone wants something. Just tell me what it is so I can fucking give it to you."

"What the fuck DeMar? You're my boyfriend. It's not that simple. There isn't just a quick fix, a button to make this all go away."

He sighs loudly, "There needs to be. I just can't do this."

"You can't do this?" You repeat in disbelief.

"Yeah," He grabs his phone off the table, glancing at it as you sit there in shock. "Shit, I'm late for the press conference."

"So that's it, you're just going to leave right now?" You shout at him, anger filling your entire being.

DeMar ignored you and walked down the stairs.

"Got it. That shits important, and I'm not." You reply swallowing hard, forcing the tears not to come.

"I just can't do this, Alex not now. My life's hectic, and I just can't." He says only briefly making eye contact. You know he's not talking about not just having this argument now, but he's now talking about your entire relationship.

"Fine, get out!"

DeMar sighed and walked out, not even looking back.

You cried your eyes out on the steps, could this day get any worse?

* * *



"Alex please, open the door."

DeMar was on your door step in the pouring rain, begging you for forgiveness.

It was cold to leave him there but he had just hurt you so much.

Hesitantly, you opened the door.

DeMar pulled you into his arms, and you didn't fight it.

"Alex I love you so much.. I didn't mean any of it, I'm so sorry."

You nodded and for the next hour you and DeMar danced in the rain.

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