Chapter Forty-One

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Songs for this chapter are:

They Don't Know About Us - One Direction

All of Me - John Legend

One Life - Justin Bieber


Brooke's POV

"What?" A shocked voice came from behind us, and at that moment, my heart stopped.

My legs felt numb and my mouth became dry. I didn't hear the voice well enough to tell who it is, but I hoped and prayed it wasn't Justin. I widened my eyes at Dave, and he looked over my shoulder.

"Hey Daniel," he said, raising his hand in a wave. I puffed out a relieved breath, turning around to see Daniel's hurt and confused face. Why was he upset?

"Hi," I breathed, sending him a smile. His eyebrows pulled together, staring down at me.

"You love Justin?" He asked. Now it was my turn to frown, giving him a funny look.

"Uh, yes?" I said, more as a question. Daniel's eyes dropped even more, and his shoulders slumped. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, um, just surprised." He shrugged it off, but I could tell there was more to it. Did he think it was wrong of me to love him? At first I did too, but I've grown to love him and there's nothing I can physically do to change it. Justin would have to something unforgivable, and I hoped that wouldn't happen.

"Oh," an awkward silence filled the air after I spoke. Daniel was staring straight at me, his eyes swirling with so many emotions. Dave rocked back and forth on his heels, letting out a low whistle.

I took a step back, so I stood beside Dave. He looked down at me, before looking up at Daniel.

"Yo Daniel, can I talk to you for a minute?" Dave cocked his head to the corner. Daniel nodded and started to walk over there.

Dave gave me a hug and kissed my cheek lightly, "I'll see you soon."

"Bye," I said quietly, watching the two men walk away. I sighed, looking around the room for a familiar face. I finally spotted Justin's fluffy brown hair, laughing with Tyler. He looked truly happy, and that scene caused a smile on my face.

I walked over to the two of them, standing beside Justin. He immediately noticed my presence, sending me a smile and slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey kitten," he mused planting a kiss on my cheek. I leaned my head on his shoulder, enjoying the warmth radiating off of him. He squeezed me closer, a laugh falling from his lips.

"Awww," Tyler teased, wagging a finger in our faces. Justin smacked it away playfully, rolling his chocolate brown eyes.

"Princess, why don't you go to talk to your new friends, I have to tell Tyler something." Justin said, rubbing a hand over my back.

"What do you have to tell him?" I asked suspiciously. Justin only smiled, shaking his head.

"You'll know soon, darling." He smirked. His left eye dropped into a wink, lightly pushing me forward. I narrowed my eyes at him, and started my search around the room.

Most of the gang members have left - including Peter, Michael and Ella - leaving me to stand alone. I sighed, Daniel and Dave had left the corner, and I had no idea where they were.

"Hey," a voice called, and I jumped in alarm.

"Oh my gosh Daniel, you scared me." I placed a hand over my heart, taking in a deep breath. He laughed quietly, sending me a charming smile.

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